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Day of the Dragon
by Rebecca York
(Berkley, $7.99, PG) ISBN 9780-425-23818-9
Day of the Dragon is a paranormal romance about a man trying to find his identify and a woman who discovers she never had hers. They help each other find themselves and, at the same time, find each other. Rebecca York tells an attention-grabbing story.

Ramsay Gallagher doesn’t know who he is. He knows he is different from everyone around him, but he has yet to discover his roots and he has been trying for two centuries. Ramsay is in Las Vegas at the New Frontiers in Archeology conference scheduled to hear Dr. Dartmoor speak about a discovery of hers in Italy. Ramsay’s first memories are in Italy so he is very excited to hear about Dartmoor’s discovery and hopes it gets him a step closer to learning more about himself.

Dr. Madison Dartmoor is a young archeologist who has been working at an old tomb in Italy and is about to present to her colleagues an amazing breakthrough. An attack on her dig site the night before she is set to speak has led her to cancel her talk. She makes the announcement to the people waiting to hear her speak and they are not happy. Especially Kent Spader, a long time opponent of hers whose goal is to ensure the integrity of man is upheld and any research against that goal is stopped.

As Madison leaves the hotel, Ramsay is very disappointed that the talk was cancelled. He follows Madison as she leaves to try and get a few moments with her. A van pulls up and two men attack Madison so Ramsay is forced to step in and rescue her. Ramsay takes her quickly to his hotel room for safety until they can figure out what is going on. Ramsay and Madison both feel an instant attraction that neither of them has ever felt before and neither of them is particularly interested in.

The two bad men find Ramsay and Madison in the hotel, but Ramsay is able to scare them off. Ramsay decides they must go to his house since no one will think to find them there. They covertly travel to a rural area in Colorado. Madison is worn out and decides to rest for a while. Ramsay takes the opportunity to look in Madison’s trunk for the artifact she was going to present at the conference. When he opens the trunk he finds the statue of a man. As he is inspecting the man, it shifts into a dragon. Ramsay is stunned. He now knows that Dr. Dartmoor is the key to his past since he can turn into a dragon as well.

Day of the Dragon is a book with adventure, self discovery, and a little bit of love. The plot is intriguing and I found that I couldn’t put the book down. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next. The writing however is not as appealing. It feels fragmented and doesn’t flow smoothly, which made it hard to engage with the characters.

The character development does a nice job of outlining the background of the main and secondary characters to an extent, but it lacks in giving the reader a sense of who the characters are –and their personality. Most of the story is from Ramsay’s point of view. Madison seems to be an interesting character, so I would have liked to see more of the story from her point of view.

A lot of questions are answered at the end of the book, which is satisfying. But at the same time, a lot of new questions are posed. There must be another book coming to continue the story, but Day of the Dragon does not grip me enough to have me anxiously waiting for it.

I have given Day of the Dragon 3 hearts because of the plot, but it could have been more engaging.

--Nichole Howell

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