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Roses After Midnight

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Memories After Midnight
by Linda Randall Wisdom
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1409, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27479-3
To enjoy Memories After Midnight, the reader will need to forget logic and suspend belief in many ways. The heart of the story is the relationship between two people who were deeply in love in the past, who got married and then divorced. Now they are interested in looking at a second chance for love. It is not strong enough to overcome the flaws.

Alexandra Spencer is a successful corporate attorney. She is also so consumed with her career, she has no real friends and she chose money and success over her marriage. On the return from a business trip, she is on the phone discussing a concern about one of the clients she had just seen, when she is mugged and hit on the head. When she recovers, she has lost her memory of the last two years…the post divorce years. Her ex-husband is detective Dylan Parker (first introduced in Wisdom’s earlier book). Dylan loved Alex passionately and was hurt when she chose her career over him. In a fit of temper, he was forced to pay $100 a month for alimony. He has been paying it in a variety of ways, such as in food items or other items just to get Alex’s temper riled up. So Dylan is surprised when he is called to the hospital as the next of kin. Alex thinks they are still married and the doctor doesn’t think it is a good idea to share more than the fact they are divorced with her. And to top it off, Alex needs someone to watch her. Her head injury and amnesia is worrisome and needs monitoring but not so much as to cause hospitalization.

So Alex goes home with Dylan by her side. There are no clues as to her attacker, but for some reason it doesn’t look random (something we as the reader already know). The tale moves along as more things happen that point to someone trying to hurt Alex as the couple struggles with feelings that are rushing to the surface and guilt over the past.

Dylan is a fairly good hero, caring and loving. Yet he has that edge of sarcasm that is popular with detective types and is not sure he wants to open himself up to hurt again. The fact that he is on the case, albeit as an assistant, and is the ex-husband seems a bit much. Especially when he decides to provide 24-hour surveillance and the police give the okay. (I found this difficult to believe…even in cop shows someone complains about the cost). And this is set in a small town outside San Francisco, not New York or one of the bigger cities with budgets.

Alex is harder to figure. She is now caring, nurturing, fun, scared, vulnerable yet showing signs of strength and independence. She is apparently having a complete personality reversal because of the head injury. What she remembers of her life she doesn’t like. Dylan definitely likes her more now than before, as do many others. This was just so far-fetched, it was hard to buy. They say that everyone changes some with head injuries, but a total and complete personality change seemed a bit too much. If she was so unlikable before, why did Dylan fall for her then? When Wisdom threw in the tale of woe from her past which made Alex act that way, it was the end for me.

I did enjoy their bantering and their work in trying to figure out the suspect. The fact that the main detective and Dylan were at odds and the way things were resolved overshadowed that however. There was formula at work here, thus making the tale too predictable and ordinary.

While there were some things to like, ultimately Memories After Midnight had too much shadow and not enough substance to make the grade.

--Shirley Lyons

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