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Sweet Surrender

Sudden Love by Angela Winters
(Arabesque/BET, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN 1-58314-023-9
Sudden Love is Angela Winters' fourth novel.

It is the story of nutritionist and author Renee Shepard. As Renee is preparing to visit her younger sister, a college student in Chicago, she begins to receive cryptic e-mail messages from the mysterious "KKJ Love."

The e-mail messages seek Renee's help in determining whether several nutrition organizations are legitimate. Renee is on her way to Chicago and promises KKJ Love that she will follow-up upon her return to New York.

In Chicago, Renee is appalled by her flighty little sister's lifestyle. Michelle announces that she is about to quit college and marry Nick Hamilton. Renee dislikes Nick immediately. He is abrasive, domineering and much older than Michelle. But her younger sister is adamant that Nick's "the one."

As intensely as Renee dislikes Nick, she finds himself attracted to Evan Brooks, executive director of the foundation where Nick and Michelle work. As her attraction to Evan grows, Renee discovers that Evan may be implicated in fraud and murder. Her erstwhile cyberpal, KKJ Love is actually Michelle's coworker, Kimberly Janis. Make that the late Kimberly Janis, dead of a not-so-apparent suicide. Renee enlists the help of a local journalist to uncover the truth, a truth that continues to point to Evan.

The romance between the Renee and Evan is solid. The chemistry is good and that portion of the plot line is believable. However, the mystery is predictable. A few red herrings could have added to the mix. The secondary characters work against the main characters from the sidelines.

Two years ago, Angela Winters got off to a great start with her first novel, Only You. It was followed by "Never Say Never," a wonderful second chance story in Arabesque's 1997 Mother's Day anthology. Both stories earned her a place on my Emerging Authors List. Then, Winters decided to make the transition to romantic suspense. Sudden Love is her third foray into romantic intrigue. And, while there is marked growth between Sweet Surrender and Sudden Love, she's not quite there yet.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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