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Home to the Doctor
by Mary Anne Wilson
(Harl. American #1171, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-75175-3
The plot will sound familiar: local doctor who is loved by the small community vs. the big CEO who was never really part of the town and is out to destroy the doctor's office and home. What makes this better than most are the two main characters. I actually enjoyed Home To The Doctor much more than I thought I would after reading the back cover.

Morgan Kelly is an M.D. who works in Seattle, but has really been waiting for her father, a doctor on Shelter Island in the middle of Puget Sound, to retire and leave her his practice. She grew up on the island and it has always been home. The little office and house on the beachfront is both a comfort and comfortable to her. Morgan is back on Shelter Island while her father takes a much-needed vacation. Their dream has always been to develop a much better equipped clinic so the medical care on the island is improved. Money and time have just gotten away from them.

Ethan Grace is also on the island, in the home built by his ancestor, a pirate. Ethan is the CEO of a major conglomerate whose purpose is to make money for its stockholders. While Ethan grew up on the island, he was always a bit of a loner because of his status. He is only there now to recuperate from a broken leg, and he must stay off it. He and his best friend, confidant and executive assistant, James Evans, are here in hopes that the rest will do Ethan good. They are also allowing friends to hold their wedding reception at the mansion.

Morgan and Ethan meet when Morgan hears Ethan fall while walking close to his guest house on the beach. She helps him and a relationship is forged. Just as they realize they may be attracted, Morgan realizes that it is Ethan's company who has just notified her father that his long term lease will not be renewed so that they can develop the property into a resort/condo/shopping type of area. She and Ethan are at odds. Yet they are drawn to each other. The story follows their journey.

In addition to drama and romance, the plot includes various emergencies that allow Morgan and Ethan to see and explore their true natures. Morgan is not the easygoing doctor she wants people to see and Ethan is not the hard, ruthless businessman that he is often portrayed as. How they get past the stereotypes is part of the delight of the story.

There is one small issue that kept me from liking this more, and that is the predictability of the plot. Even as I enjoyed their discoveries, they weren't surprises. A few twists here and there would have greatly enhanced the story and made for more enjoyment.

However, as is, this story has stayed with me for a few days. That is the sign of a romance that has a couple that is worth reading about. Often after a few days, the category stories blend into each other. Not so this one. Ethan and his reason for feeling insecure, even though it looks like he has it all, are somewhat compelling. And Morgan was a good person as well as a doctor, despite being a tad too emotional at times. This makes Home To The Doctor a familiar yet enjoyable summer romance.

--Shirley Lyons

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