Mob Mistress
by Sheri Whitefeather
(SRS 1469, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27539-7
Mob Mistress has an incredibly original plot. So original that it almost literally defies belief. It starts with Justin Elk being given a mickey in a roadside diner while on his way to Mexico from his home in Texas.

He drifts in and out of his drug induced sleep and on one occasion is greeted by an "angel" who in reality is one of the maids where he is being kept. Finally the drugs wear off, and he finds himself in a luxury bedroom with all his favorite grooming tools in the bathroom and a Remington sculpture decorating the premises. Remington is one of his favorite artists.

Quickly he learns he is in the Halloway mansion, the Halloways otherwise known as the Hollywood Mob. The grandfather is in prison for life and the two sons Brian and Richard are residing therein, along with their maids, security, staff etc. and Brian's mistress Tori.

Justin is informed that he is their nephew and while he was sleeping, DNA samples had been taken which verified this. (Much speedier DNA testing than usual). They claim his father Reed had seduced their sister Beverly while working for them, then turned by the government had testified against them and was placed in witness protection. His mother Beverly had died of cancer. Reed is still in witness protection but has married.

All of this occurred to them when the remains of an infant were found on the reservation. These remains are the child that his adoptive mother had stillborn. His adoptive mother is Reedís sister. While appearing to him in his drifting state, an angel had asked him for help. He promised that help, and when conscious she tells him her father had disappeared while working as an architect on the Halloway wine cellar, and she is certain he was murdered.

Brian and Richard claim the mob has gone straight; now an heir to billions, Justin really wants to believe this. Since they are catering to every whim, he asks that his angel, now known as Maya, become his mistress.

She moves to his suite, is instantly lavished with gifts from the uncles while she and Justin undertake an investigation into the mysterious wine cellar.

Love blossoms, tensions mount and the ending is in line with this twisted plot. Lacking credibility, it is hard to become involved with the characters or the story.

--Thea Davis

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