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Remember Me
by Margie Rose Walker
(Arabesque/BET, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN 1-58314-032-8
When Houston homicide detective Paul Diamond receives a message from forensic expert Layla Griffin, he has a feeling it might be related to one of his cases. He decides to meet with her in person. Paul arrives in time to see a woman being dragged off by an attacker. Paul chases off the assailant and goes to assist the victim, whom he later learnes is Layla Griffin.

Layla is badly beaten in the attack and suffers from retrograde memory...amnesia. While Layla may not have any prior memory, she's not opposed to creating some new ones with Paul Diamond. She is very attracted to him and is not the least bit disappointed by his assistance.

Remember Me is a romantic suspense novel in which the main character struggles to regain her memory while most of the secondary characters would like to suppress theirs. But Layla refuses to be imprisoned by her situation.

"Memories were nothing but stored images of the past. They were nice to have, as they provided a sense of stability. But how she governed herself today, staring now, she believed, was more important in determining her future."

"Still, she was not going to give up on recovering her memory, or throw away the ones freshly stored inside her -- especially the ones made with Paul."

There are several subplots in this story and the secondary characters' lives often form concentric circles with Layla's. Nothing or no one should be taken at face value.

As a treat for Margie Walker fans, Sydney Webster MacDonald, the heroine of Indiscretions, makes a brief appearance.

While the reader is convinced early on of the strong attraction and developing relationship between Layla and Paul, the initial action progresses a bit slowly. A third of the way in, the story accelerates to a point that makes it hard to put down.

I enjoyed Remember Me -- up to a point. The overall story and the relationship between the main characters held my attention. However, I was disappointed by the resolution of some of the mysteries. They didn't quite have the payoff I was seeking. That said, I recommend Remember Me.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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