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The Mail-Order Mix-Up


Millionaire Takes a Bride
by Pamela Toth
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1353, $4.50, PG) ISBN 0-373-24353-7
Did I just review . . . oh no, that was a book about someone else who kidnaps a woman and the title says he ďtakes a bride.Ē Guess what? In this one a millionaire kidnaps a bride from the church before she gets married. Of course he has a good reason (donít they all?) to do it. He needs to marry her himself because her grandfather told him to. Right.

Sarah Daniels is totally confused. Not only has this man taken her to a mountain hideaway, heís insisting that she has a grandfather and her name is Jessica Walker. Since she knows who she is and she has no known relatives, she starts to argue with Ryan Noble. Then he produces a photo of someone who looks an awful lot like her. Apparently thatís Jessica. Jessica is an heiress with a mother and grandfather and a man who is determined to marry her although he doesnít know her.

Ryan Noble is annoyed. He didnít plan on kidnapping anyone. He just wanted to talk some sense into the granddaughter of his admired friend and somehow everything escalated. When Jessicaís grandfather saw the engagement photo in the newspaper, he asked Ryan to save Jessica before she did anything rash, like marry a man she barely knew. While Ryan was at it, he thought he could repay Stuart Walker for the many kindnesses the older man had done for him.

There are so many potential problems with this plot Iím not even sure I can point out all the really obvious ones. First, if I were Ryan, Iíd make really sure I had taken away the right person since all I really have to go on is newspaper photos. And if I were Sarah, I wouldnít immediately think this Ryan guy is cute and maybe I should go along with the mix-up. If I were Sarah, Iíd be plotting how to get the heck out of there instead of falling in love with this guy. Of course he is a millionaire - although Sarah realizes she loves him not for his money, but because he is so self-assured. Whatever. I think Iíd admire her more if she decided to fake her identity and grab him and his money before he finds out the truth. In fact, that would be a more interesting story.

At any rate Sarah and Ryan fall in love at the cabin but when he returns her to her ďfamilyĒ all hell breaks loose. Jessicaís mother knows Sarah isnít Jessica and as soon as Stuart Walker sees her, he knows she isnít either. But he does know that it canít be coincidence that there are two adopted girls around who look exactly alike.

Why Jessica and Sarah look so alike and how each of them get to where they are is so improbable that I donít even want to try to explain. Iíll just say this is the first of a THREE part series called ďHere Come the BridesĒ .

--Irene Williams

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