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Readers Favorite Romances I

Compiled by Jean Mason
To read TRR contributors Top Ten Lists.

This is the second batch of our readers' favorite lists. Peruse your fellow romance readers' lists. Perhaps you will discover a classic you didn't know about. And, if you get a chance, send your own Top Ten List in to share.

Send your lists to: Jean Mason.

Michele sends us the following is a list of some of her most favorite books.

1) Lorraine Heath, Always to Remember and Sweet Lullaby - Americana
2) Meagan McKinney, When Angels Fall - Historical
3) Brenda Joyce, Beyond Scandal - Historical
4) Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You - Historical
5) Barbara Dawson Smith, Glimpse of Heaven - Historical
6) Connie Brockway, Promise Me Heaven - Historical
7) Pamela Morsi, Something Shady, Runabout, Garters and Courting Miss Hattie- Americana
8) Diana Palmer, Lacy - Americana
9) Elaine Barbarie, Wings of a Dove - Americana
10) Rosalind Laker, Jeweled Path and The Venetian Mask - Historical
11) Rebecca Brandywine, Upon a Moon Dark Moor - Historical
12) Katherine Sutcliff, My Only Love - Historical
13) Lorretta Chase, Lord of Scoundrels - Historical
14) Anita Mills, Falling Stars - Historical

Chris sent us her Top Ten (actually 11) Favorite Authors, not books - an interesting idea.

1) Kathleen Woodiwiss (I'd have to choose between... Shanna and Ashes in the Wind)
2) Judith McNaught
3) Nora Roberts (a new fave)
4) Diana Gabaldon, Outlander Series
5) Laurie McBain, especialy Wild Bells to the Wild Sky or When the Splendor Falls
6) Celeste DeBlasis, especially The Tiger's Woman
7) Brenda Joyce 
8) Julie Garwood  
9) Iris Johansen 
10) Amanda Quick 
11) Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (Darcy was the first "hero" from a book that she fell completely head over heels for)

Jennifer lists these books as her favorites, but not in order

1) Mary Jo Putney, Fallen Angels Series- Historicals
2) Kathy DiSanto, For Love or Money- Category
3) Geralyn Dawson, The Wedding Raffle & The Wedding Ransom- Western
4) Iris Johansen, Ugly Duckling & Long After Midnight- Contemporary Suspense
5) Iris Johansen, Wind Dancer Trilogy- Historical
6) Sandra Brown, Slow Heat in Heaven- Contemporary
7) Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake Series- Vampires
8) Jennifer Roberson, Lady of the Forest- Historical
9) J.D. Robb, In Death Series- Futuristic Suspense
10) All Nora Roberts’ books

Michele’s list is in no particular order

1) Sandra Brown, Slow Heat in Heaven- Contemporary
2) Courtney Ryan, Best of Strangers
3) Olivia Rupprecht, Taboo - Category
4) Lori Foster, Fantasy - Category
5) Linda Lael Miller, Banner O'Brien- Historical
6) Debbie Macomber, The Forgetful Bride
7) Patt Bucheister, Stroke by Stroke - Category
8) Julie Elizabeth Leto, Seducing Sullivan - Category
9) Marsha Canham - The Pride of Lions - Historical
10) Eileen Wilks - Just a Little Bit Pregnant - Category
11) Penny Jordan - The Darling Jade
12) Ginna Gray - Building Dreams

Jen from Ohio’s all-time favorite is Linda Howard, but her list of Top Ten favorites includes lots of other authors

1) Judith McNaught, Kingdom of Dreams - Historical
2) Linda Howard, After the Night - Contemporary
3) Linda Howard, Shades of Twilight - Contemporary
4) Elizabeth Lowell, Untamed - Historical
5) Iris Johanson, Midnight Warrior - Historical
6) Megan McKinney, When Angels Fall - Historical
7) Samantha James, My Lord Conqueror - Historical
8) Suzanne Forster, Come Midnight - Contemporary Suspense
9) Jo Beverly, Dark Champion - Historical
10) Anne Stuart, Moonrise - Contemporary Suspense
Honorable Mentions go to:
Deborah Martin, Unveiled by Love - Historical
Penelope Williamson, Keeper of the Dream - Historical
Susan Krinard, Prince of Wolves - Contemporary Fantasy
Sharon and Tom Curtis, The Windflower - Historical

Alison decided a Top Twenty List made more sense than a Top Ten

1) Barbara Bickmore, The Moon Below - Hist. Australia
2) Barbara Bickmore, Back of Beyond - Historical Australia
3) Barbara Bickmore, East of the Sun - Historical Africa
4) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Heaven, Texas - Contemporary
5) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Hot Shot - Contemporary
6) Linda Howard, Dream Man - Contemporary Suspense
7) Linda Howard, After the Night - Contemporary
8) Nora Roberts, Public Secrets - Contemporary Suspense
9) Sharon Sala, Chance McCall - Contemporary
10) Jude Devereaux, Knight in Shining Armor - TT
11) Sandra Hill, Frankly My Dear - TT
12) Flora Speer, Christmas Carol - TT
13) Sandra Brown, Mirror Image - Contemporary
14) Barbara Wood, Domina - Historical
15) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss An Angel
16) Nora Roberts, Divine Evil
17) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, It Had To Be You
18) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nobody's Baby but Mine
19) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Dream a Little Dream
20) Meryl Sawyer, Last Night - Contemporary Suspense
21) Meryl Sawyer, A Kiss in The Dark - Cont. R. Suspense

Alexandra from Charlotte, NC, chose these ten favorites.

1) LaVryle Spencer, Morning Glory- Americana
2) Julie Garwood, For The Roses- Western
3) Kathleen Woodiwiss, A Rose In Winter- Historical
4) LaVryle Spencer, Years- Western
5) Candace Camp, Rosewood- Western
6) Amanda Quick, Mischief- Historical
7) Judith McNaught, Whitney My Love- Regency Historical
8) Sandra Brown, Mirror Image- Contempory
9) Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre- Classic
10) Margaret Mitchell, Gone With The Wind- Americana

Rachel Z. has read some of these so often she had to replace her copies

1) Amanda Quick, Mistress and Ravished
2) Pamela Morsi, Runabout and Courting Miss Hattie
3) Judith McNaught, Almost Heaven- Historical
4) Johanna Lindsey, Gentle Rogue- Historical
5) Julie Garwood, The Gift and Honour's Splendor
6) Loretta Chase, Lord of the Scoundrels- Historical
7) LaVyrle Spencer, The Gamble and Morning Glory
8) Jayne Ann Krentz, Hidden Talents- Contemporary
9) Kristin Hannah, Once in Every Life- Time Travel
10) Jude Deveraux, Wishes- Americana/Fantasy

Rebecca's Top Ten List; she’s only been reading romance for about three years and concentrates on reading all of an author’s books.

1) Jude Devereaux, A Knight in Shining Armor-Time Travel (The first one I read.)
2) Amanda Quick, Deception- Historical
3) Jayne Ann Krentz, Absolutely, Positively- Contemporary
4) Jude Devereaux, Wishes-
5) Judith McNaught, Remember When- Contemporary
6) Judith McNaught, Perfect- Contemporary
7) Jude Devereaux, The Princess-
8) Jude Devereaux, Sweet Liar-
9) Jayne Ann Krentz, Grand Passion- Contemporary
10) Jude Devereaux, The Velvet Trilogy- Historical

Leigh really tried to keep it to ten. And she succeeded!

1) Susan Andersen, Exposure- Contemporary Suspense
2) Loretta Chase, Lord of Scoundrels- Historical
3) Linda Howard, Dream Man- Contemporary Suspense
4) Cheryl Reavis, Mother To Be (or any of the Blessing Series)-Category
5) Julie Garwood, The Secret- Historical
6) Nora Roberts, Private Scandals-Contemporary
7) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, It Had To Be You
8) Deborah Smith, A Place Called Home- Contemporary
9) Georgette Heyer, The Talismen Ring- Regency
10) Modean Moon, A Little Peace and Quiet-

This reader excluded all the “name brand” authors from her list.

1) Kathleen Harrington, Promise Me - Historical
2) Marlene Suson, Midnight Bride - Historical
3) Eve Byron, Love Me Not - Historical
4) Christina Skye, Hour of the Rose - Historical
5) Barbara Boswell, Sharing Secrets - Contemporary
6) Mary Spencer, The Vow - Historical
7) Debra Dier, Scorcerer's Lady - Historical
8) Laurie McBain, Moonstruck Madness - (old name brand-- still good book)
9) Penelope Williamson, Keeper of the Dream - Historical
10) Lorraine Heath, Texas Destiny- Western

Susan thought this was a great idea but fears her list may change as she continues to read

1) Diana Gabaldon, The Outlander Series - Historical TT
2) Virginia Henley, Enslaved - Historical TT
3) Linda Howard, Son of the Morning - Historical TT
4) Brenda Joyce, Splendor - Historical
5) K.C. McKinnon, Dancing at the Harvest Moon - Contemporary
6) Sandra Brown, Slow Heat in Heaven - Contemporary
7) Sandra Brown, Sunset Embrace - Historical
8) Deborah Smith, A Place to Call Home - Contempory
9) Dinah McCall, Dreamcatcher - Historical Time Travel
10) Olga Bicos, Wrapped in Wishes - Historical TT

Dolores’ list is in no particular order and she admits to cheating!

1) Judith McNaught (and all of her books), Almost Heaven- Historical
2) Loretta Chase, Lord of Scoundrels- Historical
3) Mary Jo Putney, The Rake and the Reformer- Historical
4) Mary Jo Putney, Silk and Shadows- Historical
5) Sandra Brown, Best Kept Secrets- Contemporary
6) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Hotshot- Contemporary
7) Rexanne Becnel, The Maiden Bride
8) Meagan McKinney, Till Dawn Tames the Night- Historical
9) Mary Jo Putney, The Fallen Angels Series- Historical
10) Amanda Quick, Surrender- Historical
11) Anne Rice, Exit to Eden (which is really a sort of twisted romance, but not for the squeamish)

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