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Old Enough To Know Better
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
(Harl. Temptation #980, $4.25, R) ISBN 0-373-69180-7
Creativity is often lacking in category romance and Old Enough To Know Better is not lacking. It is a rich sexy romance with plenty of creativity and humor – both in sexual antics and general plot theme.

Here’s the biggest twist – the guy is thirty-three and wants to settle down, while the girl is just twenty and has transformed herself from a nerd to a woman ready to take on the world…if she can get the guts to do it. He falls hard and spends the rest of the story trying to convince her they can make it work. Of course, there are a few details she left out too.

Sam Ashton owns his landscaping business, bought a house and is helping his younger brother get established in the music business. He has sown his wild oats and is looking for a girl to marry and have kids. He is knocked on his rear by Kasey Braddock. She is blond, svelte, and looks ready to go. He senses a soul mate in her.

Kasey graduated from college at 18 and has been a nerd her whole life. Her brother’s ex-fiancée convinced her to dress differently and expand her horizons. She now has a great job at a PR firm. The group of single ladies at the firm were watching a hunk out their window as he trimmed trees. They drew straws to see who got to try their hand at seduction and Kasey pulled out the long straw. Now she has to put her actions where her mouth put her. In this case, convince this man to go out with her and get him drooling, and then tell all the next day. Kasey realizes she knows this particular hunk.

Sam, you see, was a friend of her step-brother when they were in high school and Kasey was just 8 years old. She had a crush then, and an even bigger one now. Kasey’s initial plan was to get the drool, ditch the man and he would never have to know who she was. But the best laid plans…

The funny situations and the hot sex these two shared kept me totally engaged in their story. While the big misunderstanding was looming just over the horizon, Sam and Kasey burned up the sheets, the hammock and both beds while they fell in love. Sam was alternately gentle, sexy, funny, caring and admirable. When Kasey told him she was smart (the point when most men bailed), she got the unexpected statement that she was smarter than him, and was that a problem for her? I fell in love with him right there!

Kasey was intelligent, naïve, sexy, bold and scared out of her mind. The emotions seemed apt for the circumstances. Her attempt to convince herself she was too young and needed the chance to have sex with lots of guys was poignant. But she was smart enough to know the real deal when she found him.

The twist on the age difference was creative. The way Sam got her into bed was creative. Some of the things they did in bed were creative, too – you will never again eat chocolate pie and whipped cream without seeing the scene in this book, I promise you.

But in between all the creativity was a nicely-written and well-developed love story. The time frame (all of this occurred in just a week or so) was the only unrealistic thing about the whole story.

Old Enough to Know Better confirms the adage that you get smarter with age…and in this case, a smart reader will give this book a try.

--Shirley Lyons

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