Accidental Princess

Accidental Heiress
by Nancy Robards Thompson
(SSE #2082, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-373-65564-9
Margeaux Broussard returns to the European principality of St. Michel when her wealthy father suffers a stroke. Estranged since her mother died and her father sent her away seventeen years earlier, the former “wild child” is now a successful photographer living in Dallas. Margeaux brings her three best friends with her for moral support. She’ll need it when she runs into Henri Lejardin, her childhood friend and former lover – the man she never forgot.

Henri is now the country’s youngest Minister of Culture and Education, and he’s angling for a high government position.When Margeaux’s father dies, Henri and Margeaux are drawn together over the will, and an unusual directive to visit an orphanage and a convent in order to discover more about Margeaux’s parents.

Henri and Margeaux are still attracted to each other. They set off on their quest, and along the way rekindle their relationship. But Henri doesn’t know all of the reasons why Margeaux left seventeen years ago, and when the truth comes out, it might damage his political ambitions.

There isn’t much to this story. Old lovers reconnect while fulfilling the requirements of a will. Since Margeaux and Henri never stopped loving each other, there’s little conflict, and much of the book feels like filler. There’s another woman who has her eye on Henri, but she conveniently disappears partway into the story. The girlfriends hang around and offer advice. Henri and Margeaux have sex. It’s sweet, inoffensive, and entirely predictable.

There’s nothing really wrong with this story. Henri and Margeaux are both nice, charming people, and their love story is peasant, if not particularly passionate. The friends wander in and out, probably waving hello for future books, and don’t seem to serve any other purpose. There just isn’t much to it. The book is set in a particularly large type face, making it seem like there really wasn’t much to the tale, and it had to be stretched out.

I won’t remember it in a few days, but Accidental Heiress was a pleasant enough way to spend an hour or so. If you’re looking for something a little more complex, keep looking.

--Cathy Sova

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