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Night Moves by Janelle Taylor
(Zebra, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-8217-7145-0
Night Moves is as easy to pick up, as it is to put down. The characters are interesting; the romance is fine, but the suspense needs to be more suspenseful.

Left at the wedding altar by her childhood sweetheart, Jordan Curry moves to Washington, D.C. and starts a very successful catering business. Except for her business partner, there are no men in Jordan's life. Then her best friend, Phoebe, shows up at her door with her four-year-old son, Spencer. She begs Jordan to care for Spencer, telling her it's a matter of life and death.

Jordan takes time off from her business, but taking care of Spencer is not easy - he resents Jordan; he wants his mother. Jordan is so busy with Spencer and worrying about Phoebe, she forgets she has a blind date with Beau Somerville. When Beau shows up at her door, Jordan intends to send him away but Spencer has other ideas.

Boy and man form an instant bond. Still, Jordan has no intention of letting Beau into her life until he shows up at her door with a news article that says her friend Phoebe and her husband have been murdered. Jordan doesn't know whom to trust; she just knows she has to keep Spencer safe.

Beau Somerville has recently moved to D.C. to get away from sad memories and to move on with his life. He doesn't want to get involved with anyone, but Jordan and Spencer need help. Beau can't walk away, especially when it looks like the murderer is after Spencer.

I liked the major characters in Night Moves; they are interesting and well drawn. The romance between Jordan and Beau is good and moves at a reasonable pace. However, the storyline needed more suspense, more twists and turns to keep me glued to the pages.

This tale could have been much more interesting and much more exciting, if Jordan, Beau and Spencer had truly been on the run from the one-eyed bad guy. Instead, there is a lot of waiting around for something to happen; more action would have done wonders for the suspense factor in this tale of romantic suspense.

--Judith Flavell

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