The Magic Knot
by Helen Scott Taylor
(Love Spell, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-505-52796-7†
Rosenwyn (Rose) Tremain travels to Cornwall to examine the insolvent account of the Elephantís Nest Public House and to try to find her father, Tristan Jago. She had promised her mother never to set foot in Cornwall, but her death enables Rose to seek out her only living relative without guilt. First, she first must unravel the uncomputerized accounts of Michael OíConnor, the pubís charming owner. Michael appears to withhold information, but Rose senses the secret lies not with Michael, but with his brooding, enigmatic brother, Niall.

† Niall catches Rose snooping in his room, and something more than just mutual attraction sparks between them. But he has secrets, and she has goals, and they donít necessarily go hand in hand. It turns out Niall knows her father, Tristan. In fact, he pays him to cast protection spells to hide himself and his sister, Ana, from Ciar, the Irish fairy queen. Niall escaped Ciarís fairy domain after rejecting the queenís advances and lives in fear of Ciarís wrath against him and those he loves.

In addition to money this last time, Tristan asks Niall to hunt down a Pisky (Cornish fairy tribe) woman who just entered Cornwall. Niall doesnít know what Tristan will do with the Pisky and must closely examine his loyalties when he discovers the Pisky is none other than Rose. †

Helen Scott Taylor will captivate readers with her debut novel, The Magic Knot. This tale has all the components of a winning paranormal romance: intrigue, passion, betrayal and magic. From Rose, the dependable and conscientious accountant with secrets of her own, to Niall, the sexy and mysterious biker, Taylor has created engaging characters to entrance romance fans.

The Magic Knot has a tightly-knit plot that takes the reader from the Cornish countryside into the realm of Ciarís Irish fairy court. Taylor paints vivid pictures with her words and has the reader using all senses to bring places and scenes to life. You can almost hear the tinkling of fairy music and feel the heat of the flames in one scene. I highly recommend this book from the talented Taylor and look forward to reading more of her novels in the future.

--Katherine Petersen

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