Forecast by Jane Tara
(LoveSpell, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-505-52744-8
You may have to hunt for this one since the publishing date was November 2007, but it is worth the search. Forecast is a delightful spoof on weathermen, love and psychic phenomena.

Rowie Shakespeare is one of a long line of Shakespearean women (yes, they are descendants of The Shakespeare) who have psychic capabilities. Her grandmother, Gwen can see spirits and holds séances as well as foretelling the future. Her mother, Lilia, is more ephemeral but has powers that include reading minds. Rowie is unique in that she connects to the earth in a way that allows her to predict the weather. They all share a common trait of being able to see who others love. In fact, Rowie can see a man’s future when she kisses him. Tradition has it that they each find one true love and this is the man who blocks their powers enough that they see nothing when they lock lips. They live in Greenwich Village in a haunted home they call the Grove next to their shop which they call Second Site.

Every morning Rowie gets up and goes outside. She meditates for a few minutes and then writes her weather prediction on a slate outside the shop. The entire neighborhood loves the ritual and checks in because Rowie is NEVER wrong!

Drew Henderson is the very scientific weatherman on the USBC affiliate in New York. He is extremely cute and has a reputation for womanizing. In fact, he has just ended one affair with Jess Walker and has started enjoying a physical relationship with a peer while on assignment in Florida. Too bad for him that Jess holds grudges (which got him sent to hurricane duty in the first place) and that the hurricane was a wild one. He fell through the roof of a building and broke his leg while trying to get a great shot. Now he is stuck in Florida in traction. This was the only thing they could do with no power and little medical resources during the hurricane.

Jess finds his replacement when she overhears Rowie and listens to the neighbors spout about her success rates. Rowie meets Drew down in Florida before she is hired, because he has a clause in his contract about replacements. They are instantly attracted, and he approves her before really understanding that she will be billed as the psychic weatherwoman.

Following a rather humorous first day when she predicts a tornado in downtown Manhattan, Rowie is a success and garners great ratings. Knowing it is only a temporary assignment, she is determined to find a way to stay out of the shop; a shop she is starting to feel stifled in. The story follows Rowie and Drew’s reluctant romance during which they discover major feelings and of course, major obstacles thrown their way by the jealous Jess.

This book made me laugh. There is no greater compliment I can give to a book that is written in this tongue-in-cheek manner. The characters jump off the pages and the scenarios are unique. Yes, you have to suspend belief and accept that these people think they talk to dead people and see auras and have powers that most normal folks would laugh at. But they are believable. There are a few secondary story lines about Gwen, Lilia and Rowie’s best friend Angel. Angel is an Aussie who can only be described as a hoot.

Forecast is one of those books that I didn’t think I would like when I read the cover and kept putting off reading. Now that I have, I can only hope that I will go back to it when I need a chuckle. I also hope you can still find it. I would hate to think you missed out on the fun.

--Shirley Lyons

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