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His Case, Her Child
by Linda Style
(Harl. Super. #1281, $5.50, G) ISBN 0373-71281-2
His Case, Her Chilkd is part of a mini-series on cold cases. His Case, Her Child involves a kidnapping and a possible illegal adoption ring. It is tense, suspenseful and full of surprises. The romance is satisfying, but at times takes second stage to the mystery.

I don't want to give some things away, so I will be sketchy with some of the information. Macy Capshaw is an attorney who specializes in helping children and women. Her father is also an attorney, a high-powered and well-known man who even had political aspirations at one time. Macy has money from her grandfather and used this to open her own firm. She is high-energy and well respected too. Her latest case involves a little five-year-old boy found abandoned. She is appointed his attorney and is determined to help find his family. She lets herself gets too close sometimes, but this is only because she can't have children. Twelve years ago, at the age of seventeen, Macy had a stillborn birth in a home for girls called Haven's Gate. Then a few years later, she had some complications and was told she could never have children.

Rico Santini is a detective trying to close some old cases. One of those cases involved the kidnapping of a little baby five years ago from Haven's Gate. The mother was someone Rico knew and who he had sent to the place because he had heard of its good reputation. He has never forgotten and is excited to look at it one more time. He meets Macy when he confronts her about the abandoned boy. Rico is hoping the might be his missing subject. But Macy wants to protect the boy, who is having behavioral issues at the foster home. Rico and Macy keep getting thrown together over this case and Macy starts to have suspicions about her child. They share information and their quest for the truth begins.

Rico is a great hero. He is cop through and through. He is also Italian with a big family who love to get together and have fun together. He can be gentle and falls hard for Macy, despite fighting it. He also wants to protect her when she gets a threatening letter and someone plants a car bomb in his car. Macy is enchanted. Rico and his family are not like anyone she has met. Her family is the exact opposite. Her father is cold and her mother is almost like a Stepford wife (Macy's description). They are civil to one another, but Macy has disappointed them, despite her success in law. Yet Macy is warm and caring. She cares for her clients and wants them to be happy. When confronted with things that would scare a normal person, she handles them and tries to keep herself together. She isn't afraid to seek solace but isn't weak, either.

The story is well-written and pages seem to turn by themselves. The mystery is engaging and while not completely a surprise, the resolution is satisfying. When a story engages my mind as well as my emotions, then I know I am hooked. Style does a great job of both. Rico's friends are a great addition and it is easy to feel the camaraderie they share. The bad guys are not well defined but their activities are definitely those of bad people. There is some sexual tension, but the romance is more of a feel good love story versus a highly sexually oriented romance. This makes the tale more romantic than some, but the story moves along on the strength of the mystery. Not having read Linda Style before, I will be keeping my eye on her in the future.

For a good reading experience that mingles romance and a very well-written suspense story, pick up His Case, Her Child. And enjoy the ride.

--Shirley Lyons

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