Tropical Getaway

Like A Hurricane
by Roxanne St. Claire
(Silh. Desire #1572, $4.25, R) ISBN 0-373-76572-X
The imagery of a hurricane is that of a wild tropical storm swooping in with high winds and rain, leaving nothing untouched or the same. Such is the imagery of the love that sweeps Quinn McGrath and Nicole Whitaker off their feet…minus the wind and rain, of course. Like A Hurricane is a delight from start to finish.

Nicole is the sole owner of Mar Brisa, an old and authentic resort built by her grandfather. She bought the resort back with her inheritance and she has poured her life into it. Raised by her maiden Aunt Freddie after her parents were killed in an auto accident, Nicole is convinced she will never love, because love means hurt and loss. Unlike in other stories, Nicole is not ruled by that thought, she just knows it. Her main problem is that she is slowly going bankrupt. Her beautiful resort received heavy damage from a hurricane that hit St. Joseph’s Island off the Florida coast. But a unique clause in her insurance meant she only got a pittance rather than the thousands she needed to make the repairs. Now the bank is threatening foreclosure and pressuring her to sell.

Quinn McGrath is heading to Florida to find out just what this property looks like so his company, one he hopes to be a partner in after the deal, can purchase it, bulldoze it and build some condos. He is also curious what owner “Nick” has done with the insurance money everyone assumes he got. When he gets there, the place is a wreck and the elevator isn’t working. But what he finds are two very lovely legs hanging from the ceiling, attached to a very lovely young woman, in sexy blue underwear under her short little blue skirt. He is instantly attracted and following their repartee he is convinced she is “the one” - his soul mate that his grandmother always told him about.

Before they can discover much more about each other, they are parted, but neither can forget the other. Circumstances being what they are, Nicole takes advantage of an offer of free billboard space to advertise her resort. She uses her meeting with “Mac” as the inspiration in her advertisement that promises a love haven at the resort, signing it from “the lady in blue”. Mac, coming back into town for his meeting with the elusive Nick, sees the billboard and assumes his lady is looking for him. He has plans to look for her too.

The hilarity of the scene when they meet face to face and discover they are “the enemy” is fun to read and sets the stage for a ride on the road to love. Even as they resent each other for their business personas, they lust for each other. Even as Mac discovers that Nicole seems more innocent than he suspected, they lust for each other. Yet even as they lust, they discover they like. And when Mac decides to stay and help Nicole, their course is set.

In between hot scenes of lovemaking, there is the exploration into the insurance issue and the need for repairs. Mac grew up as the son of a construction company owner, so he offers to help fix the roof. And as they grow more involved, Nicole lets herself believe that she will be able to keep the resort, at least as the manager for Mac’s company. There are twists and turns to their happy ending, but it is a delightful ride of two people getting to know each other and learning to trust while they uncover their feelings beyond the overpowering lust.

This is the first of a series about the McGrath brothers. Cameron and Colin are introduced and the author gives the reader just enough to hint that their stories might be just as fun.

Looking for a sexy, romantic, fun-filled story set in sunny Florida? Then pick up Like a Hurricane and prepare to weather a great storm.

--Shirley Lyons

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