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All He Ever Dreamed
by Shannon Stacey
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77758-7
Josh Kowalski was left to run the family owned Northern Star Lodge when his parents passed away, while his siblings got to go off and live their lives the way they wanted. He's been itching to turn over the responsibility of the lodge to another family member so he can go explore the world outside of Whitford, Maine.

Katie Davis grew up in Whitford and has been best buds with Josh ever since they were both kids. Katie has had feelings for Josh beyond friendship for some time, but has been doing her best to hide it. So far, she's been successful, as Josh doesn't have a clue.

When Katie's mom, who lives and works at the Lodge, has health issues, Katie moves in to help out. The attraction between Katie and Josh quickly builds as Josh finally notices her as more than a friend. He struggles with it at first, but soon realizes that a relationship with Katie, his best friend, is natural.

When the Kowalskis are offered a chance to sell the Lodge, it's Josh's chance to get out. His siblings know he struggles with the responsibility and they reluctantly agree to sell it in order to allow Josh to fulfill his dreams and be happy. The only thing is Katie isn't willing to leave Whitford with him because of her Mom and her business. This leave Josh with the task of really digging deep and deciding once and for all what he wants in life.

All He Ever Dreamed is a sweet and simple story. The flow of the story has an ease to it and the reader is not kept waiting for things to progress. While the romantic relationship between Josh and Katie builds fast, it's natural and not too awkward. Their long time friendship is believable, and no doubt, helps the chemistry of the story,

This is Shannon Stacey's sixth book in The Kowalski Family series. All He Ever Dreamed is best read as part of the series. While I was able to follow along, many secondary characters were strangers to me and the background on Josh's discontent with the Lodge is alluded to in this story, but not fully expanded upon.

All He Ever Dreamed would probably get five hearts if I was familiar with the whole series, but as someone who has not read all of the book, I give this one four hearts. I enjoy the writing style of Shannon Stacey.

--Nichole Howell

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