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Eat, Prey, Love
by Kerrelyn Sparks
(Avon Books, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-06-195803-8
Eat, Prey, Love deserves an extra good rating just because of the awesome title that made me laugh from the moment I picked up the book.

It’s a paranormal type of story, hence the “prey” portion of the title; our hero is a were-panther. Like a werewolf, but a panther instead. Carlos Panterra, gorgeous, honorable, committed and loving is a wonderful man. However, from time to time he shifts into a bit of a scary were-panther, and he has a bad temper too. Carlos’ life has been tough. While he grew up in the relative safety of a were-panther tribe, his security was destroyed when his kind was nearly annihilated and he was left to grieve. Carlos managed to save a few orphaned were-panthers, and now his sole mission in life is to try to find a were-panther mate to help him raise the troubled children and have new babies to further the species. It all sounds like a great plan, until Carlos meets Caitlyn Whelan and falls hard.

Caitlyn is new to the world of the supernatural, and she can hardly believe that it exists. Her long-lost sister offers her a job to work with Carlos and she accepts, thinking that their instant attraction can’t be one-sided. She’s stunned by the revelations of living in the midst of vampires and shape shifters, and by the reality of having her sister back. Unfortunately for Caitlyn, having her sister to talk to starts unearthing some shocking family secrets and unraveling what Caitlyn’s always believed about her parents. In the midst of a personal crisis, Caitlyn leans hard on Carlos to help guide her through the new reality she’s chosen for herself.

Carlos can’t stand Caitlyn’s constant presence in his life, he’s attracted and fighting it hard. Caitlyn doesn’t know about Carlos’ burdened future, nor the outside forces that motivate him to make hard choices, but she won’t stop pushing into every facet of his life. Carlos is getting tired of fighting against the determined human who has captured his interest, but he knows that if they got together, it would be a disaster for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, he just can’t stop himself anymore…

Eat, Prey, Love was dynamically written, with lots of action and humor thrown into a delicious story.

One of my favorite things was the wacky, unexpected cast of background characters: humans, vampires, shape shifters, bad guys. Everyone had a personality and usually a humorous line to add to the story.

Carlos was a typical Brooding, Sexy Hero with Responsibilities but with the shape-shifting twist thrown in. It made the very stereotypical English Earl character rise from the dead. I loved him.

Caitlyn was a pretty good heroine, she was quick to express her feelings, open and funny. I didn’t like that she seemed very pushy and demanding with Carlos; she walked the line of becoming a nag but just barely refrained. Thank goodness, or I would have had a hard time believing the dynamic between her and her leading man.

All in all, B>Eat, Prey, Love is a good book with a great title and it’s definitely recommended.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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