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The Accidental Bride
by Christina Skye
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG) 978-0-373-77659-7
Jilly O’Hara is on the verge of all of her dreams coming true. She owns her own restaurant and her salsa line is about to go national. In the kitchen one night, as busy as ever, she collapses. The next things she knows, she is in the hospital and the doctors don’t know what’s wrong. There are some abnormalities with her heart, but they can’t pinpoint the problem. Jilly is way too young for heart problems and her profession won’t allow her to take the time off to relax.

Jilly has good friends though and they convince her to take some time off and spend a few weeks at a resort in Wyoming that features world renowned cooking classes. Jilly is, of course, reluctant to put her life on hold, but she knows she needs to take care of herself and learning some new things in cooking classes will only help her career.

Upon arrival in Wyoming, Jilly meets Walker Hale while waiting for transportation at the airport. He’s very attractive, but Jilly has to keep focused on her health – or so she keeps trying to convince herself. Jilly learns that Walker is ex-military, travels a lot, and lives alone and secluded not far from the resort. He seems to be spending a lot of time at the resort though and a lot of time with Jilly, which isn’t causing her to complain one bit.

The resort owner, Mamie, is old and fragile with many health problems. It doesn’t keep her off her feet though, but when she falls ill, her grandson has a plan. Mamie loves weddings, and what better way to keep her spirits high than to have a wedding. The most suitable “couple” is Walker and Jilly, who both reluctantly agree to the fake wedding – though by the time it is done – they both wish it were real. Neither one of them is willing to admit it though.

The Accidental Bride is a fun and entertaining book. This is Christina Skye’s third book in The Summer Island series. While the returning characters from the series have small parts, The Accidental Bride does not take place on the Island, making it a good stand-alone story.

The book has a lot of romance elements as soon as Jilly and Walker meet, which makes it a sweet story. The tension is not too drawn out which helps avoid frustration, but its attention grabbing enough to not need the tension buildup to keep the reader interested.

The Accidental Bride is an enjoyable read that is easily recommended.

--Nichole Howell

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