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Highland Master
by Amanda Scott
(Forever, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-446-57431-0
Highland Master is a story set in 15th century Scotland that follows the relationship built between two people who belong to separate and historically feuding families. The book is rich is Scottish history and is developed around historical stories about existing clans which added to the enjoyment of the story.

Lady Catriona Mackintosh is part of Clan Chattan and has been given the nickname “Wildcat.” She is free, independent, adventurous, and isn’t afraid of anything. She says the first thing that comes to mind and doesn’t hold back, which often gets her in trouble.

Sir Finlagh Cameron, known as Fin, is part of Clan Cameron. Several years ago, the King called for a battle to end the feuding between the two families. Thirty men from each Clan meet for the battle and the agreement is that after the battle, despite who wins, the feuding will end. Fin fights very well and finds himself to be the last man standing from Clan Cameron. Clan Chattan only has four men left standing and Fin knows he is no match for these men. A man from Clan Chattan approaches Fin and tells him to bow out. Fin doesn’t know why, but he agrees. As his father dies on the battle field, he instructs Fin to seek revenge on Clan Chattan.

Fin does not return to his family after the battle. He is conflicted with the pre-battle oath to end the feuding and the promise he made his father to seek revenge. He feels his family will be upset with him for being a coward and bowing out of the battle before the end. So instead of returning home, Fin joins the King’s service under the direction of Rothesay, the current Governor.

Fast forward a few years, Catriona is walking through the woods when her wolfdog, Boreas, senses trouble. Catriona goes to investigate and finds Fin unconscious on the ground with blood spilling from his head. She wakes him and they discover that he has been hit with an arrow. Fin is traveling to see the captain of Clan Chattan known as The Mackintosh to propose an idea on behalf of Rothesay that will affect the future of the Governorship. The Mackintosh happens to be Catriona’s Grandfather who is staying in their nearby castle. Fin is invited to stay with the Mackintosh family and quickly develops a friendship with Catriona. The problem is, Catriona’s father is Shaw MacGillivray who is the Clan Chattan war leader and the man Fin promised to kill.

Highland Master is a fast paced and attention-grabbing story. I found it hard to put the book down. The book is loaded with Scottish history and depicts the way of life really well. I often find the filler portions of a story distracting and boring, but this one is written so well that this did not occur.

Most historical romance novels depict the morals as we would expect, including chaperones and no pre-marital anything, but those principles in most cases are broken and justified because of the bond and love that the two individuals feel for each other. I respect Highland Master though because it stays true to the morals. While Catriona and Finlagh do spent time without a chaperone and do have a few hot kisses, there is no pre-marital sex. And except for one slightly descriptive scene, the intimate parts were rather tame making this an appropriate book for a teenager, in my opinion.

If I have to be critical of anything it is Catriona’s persistence on independence and speaking her mind in every situation. While her independence is empowering for her character overall, when things get dangerous, she doesn’t use common sense and step back. I find this to be annoying by the end of the book.

On the whole, Highland Master, is an enjoyable story and I would recommend it.

--Nichole Howell

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