A Win-Win Proposition
by Catherine Schield
(Harlequin Desire, $4.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-73129-9
A Win-Win Proposition is a story about a quiet and shy woman who has found her boldness and won't settle for less. She is at a crossroads in her life and she's about to go after the man she's wanted for several years.

Missy Ward has worked for Sebastian Case for the last four years. She's been his assistant and can seamlessly react to any situation. Missy has had a crush on Sebastian since the beginning, but has miraculously been able to keep it professional.

Sebastian, of course, doesn't know what he has in Missy. She is at his beck and call 24/7. Missy's boyfriend has just dumped her and she's about to turn 30. Her hopes for a family are dwindling away and she needs to do something drastic.

Missy gives her resignation to Sebastian so she can get her life back and start over. Sebastian is in shock and needs to convince Missy to stay. They are currently at the annual Leadership Conference run by Sebastian for Case Consolidated Holdings in Las Vegas. He's meeting her in the bar to talk some sense into her, but when he arrives he barely recognizes her. Missy has had a makeover and Sebastian is awestruck. He can't believe he has never noticed her like this before.

Missy makes her way over to a roulette table and Sebastian asks Missy for a bet. If the ball lands on black she stays working for Sebastian. Missy decides to take advantage of the situation and counters his bet. If it lands on red, she gets to spend a night with Sebastian. Her luck is starting to change. The ball lands on red. Missy knows it's just one night with no strings attached, but she is going to relish the moment.

A Win-Win Proposition is a short and easy read. It's a true romance with not too much other plot going on. Since it's short, there are no lulls or page fillers, and the author is able to keep the story engaging. It is predictable and parts of it are reminiscent of Pretty Woman, but overall I enjoyed it. Surprisingly, for a Harlequin Desire, it could have used a little more heat. It is still worth a read though. Nichole Howell


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