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Her Baby’s Hero
by Karen Sandler
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1751, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0373-24751-6
Familiar story – a one night stand leads to pregnancy. Girl tells boy, who tries to do the right thing despite misgivings…they eventually fall in love and live happily ever after. Her Baby’s Hero has all these elements but with enough unique issues facing the characters to make it interesting.

Jason Kerrigan and Ashley Rand were friends in their last year of college and one night everything came together and they made love. It was great sex, but neither was comfortable with it because they were really just friends. Jason had to leave school unexpectedly and they lost touch. Now six months later, Ashley is pregnant with twins and she has sought Jason out to tell him.

Ashley has issues that involve her family life. She grew up poor with an abusive father. One night she and her sister, Sara fled and moved. They have now settled outside Sacramento, but they are still frightened of their father returning one day. Ashley wanted Jason to know about the babies but really has no other expectations of him. She is a teacher and is ready to start a new school year.

Jason is shocked. He is the CEO of a company he is trying to rejuvenate following his father’s death (the reason he had to leave school). Jason grew up rich but he lost his mother when only eight; he has a disabled brother that he tries to care for and he has a witch of a stepmother who is only concerned about money and her share of the business and estate. Jason is tortured by memories of his childhood and he finds it hard to show affection to anyone but his brother Steven. He is worried about how he can juggle everything in his life and how he can be a long distance father to his babies.

Can these two people help to heal each other? Can they work out an agreement to care for their babies? Can they find true love?

I enjoyed the story because these two never hid their concerns about their future from the other. They didn’t tell all their secrets, but they stated up front that they would not suit. This is definitely all character study. It is enhanced by the babies, Steven and Sara, who are well written and enhance the depth of the plotline. Unfortunately, the stepmother is a bit of a caricature. The tale moves on the relationship however.

The sexual tension turned love is well written and seemed to follow a realistic timeline. Ashley being pregnant helped to control their impulses but the slow burning of their sexual desire made the falling in love timeline work. Jason is at first cold and emotionless but he thaws under Ashley’s caring nature and his ability to open up to love was endearing and made sense.

The action and the conflicts are very predictable and keep the rating from rising to a higher status. Her Baby’s Hero is a nice reading experience even while following a familiar path.

--Shirley Lyons

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