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Remember Me by Sharon Sala
(Mira $5.99, PG) ISBN 1-55166-535-2
If your spouse suddenly disappeared without a trace only to reappear two years later with no memory of what had transpired, what would you do? This is the intriguing premise behind Sharon Sala's newest book, Remember Me.

One rainy afternoon, Clay LeGrand returns home to an ominously silent house. His wife of one year, Francesca, has disappeared. A broken coffee cup resting in a puddle of coffee and a smear of blood on the bathroom sink are the only evidence of her disappearance. The police are convinced Clay has murdered her, but can find no facts to support their theory.

On another rainy afternoon two years later, Clay returns home from work and is shocked to discover Francesca asleep in their bed. She has no memory of the intervening years, but needle tracks on her arms point to frequent drug use and a strange tattoo behind her ear in the shape of an Egyptian symbol raises more questions than answers.

Clay's initial reactions to Francesca’s sudden reappearance are anger at her betrayal and mistrust. Why did she leave him and what does she want now that she has returned? Francesca's memories remain fixed in that place two years earlier when she and Clay were newlyweds and still very much in love. She is hurt by Clay's reaction and hides from him her very real sense of fear.

As bits and pieces of Francesca's memory return, it soon becomes evident that she was kidnapped and that the danger to her still exists. But without any solid evidence to support Francesca's claims of abduction, the police are unable to help. Clay must protect Francesca, and his very sanity, from the possibility of her disappearing once again.

My keeper shelf is stuffed with copies of Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall's work. Her books always leave me with the comforting belief in the enduring power of love. Yet, as much as I wanted to love Remember Me, when I finished the book, I felt strangely unaffected. When a book contains such a potentially interesting story line and yet fails to elicit any strong feelings, then the fault is usually in the characterization. That is definitely the case here.

Clay's understandable feelings of anger and betrayal seem to dissipate far too quickly. He and Francesca have been separated longer than they were married. He has been under suspicion of her murder and the subject of much speculation. Yet his turnaround seems to happen with little effort.

As a reader it is imperative to connect with Francesca's character and although I felt sorry for her plight, I felt as if she were keeping me at arms’ length, much the same way as she did Clay. It would have been far more effective if Clay and Francesca faced their concerns directly, instead of using Clay's mother as a conduit of information between the two.

As usual, Sala's writing style is terrific. The story is fast paced and I easily read it in one sitting. If you are a fan of Sharon Sala, then you will probably want to read her Latest. I'm glad I did. But if you are new to this author, then I might suggest you try one of her earlier efforts, such as Dreamcatcher, Tallchief or Jackson Rule (all written as Dinah McCall). These titles show off her considerable talents to the fullest.

--Karen Lynch

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