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Mission Irresistible by Sharon Sala
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1016, $4.50, PG) ISBN 0-373-27086-0
Mission Irresistible launches Silhouette Intimate Moment’s 12-month series, “A Year of Living Dangerously,” written by eleven different authors.” Sharon Sala begins the series and will also write the final book. The prologue sets the stage and events that occurred during the Viet Nam war will guide the series.

“Jonah” is the faceless and all-powerful head of SPEAR, an elite counter-espionage group. His operatives have never seen him and even more chilling they never even know when control shifts from one “Jonah” to another in this large organization. However, the present Jonah is aware that someone has infiltrated SPEAR and is setting him up as a traitor.

Desperate to stop this threat, Jonah casts far afield from his active agents to enlist the help of East Kirby. East is a retired agent and now manager of one of the luxury hotels that SPEAR secretly owns on the California Coast. East retired prematurely after he accidentally caused the death of an innocent teenager in a high-speed chase. While struggling with this guilt, he adopted a 14-year-old homeless boy and retired to raise him. East’s son, Jeff, is now interning at UCLA hospital.

Alicia Corbin is one of the few agents Jonah seems to trust. Recruited after garnering several PhD’s, her cross to bear in life is that her IQ is almost twice her weight. Always out of place, always younger than her academic peers, Ally committed to SPEAR with fervor, having found a place where her intelligence is not an ostracizing feature.

Jonah sends Ally to recruit East, and she is having little effect upon him until Jeff is kidnapped. Then he realizes he must strike his bargain with Jonah since their ultimate fates seem intertwined. Of course the bargain is on East’s own terms. His ability plus Ally’s IQ and logic send them deep into the morass of evil.

This mystery has a strong foundation, and can certainly be spun out for a year. That is not the most important feature in Mission Irresistible because the romance drives this dynamic novel.

Sharon Sala does an extraordinary job getting into the mind and emotions of someone gifted beyond peer acceptance. The romantic tension is finely drawn, and the characters are well developed and likeable. East’s guilt arising from his long ago accident is a little bit overdone, but perhaps something has to explain the fact that he is handsome, etc… and still single and distancing himself from every relationship but Jeff.

Sala’s crisp dialogue reflects the mood and voice of her characters, and the romantic tension is well done. Mission Irresistible moves quickly and the venue shifts are done naturally in ways that carry the story forward rather than disrupt it.

Mission Irresistible is a great start to what should be an exciting series.

--Thea Davis

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