Ticket to Love

A Little Change of Plans
by Jen Safrey
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1780, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0373-24780-X
This edition of the “Talk of the Neighborhood” series is entertaining but doesn’t break much new ground, and while enjoyable, was not all-encompassing either. A Little Change of Plans is about two long time friends who are complete opposites but finally realize they love each other.

Molly Jackson is an entrepreneur and a workaholic. She was raised by her parents who are known for their hard work, dedication and intelligence. Molly doesn’t know any other way. She had always figured she would marry someone just like her and even had a guy picked out. Zach Jones was an athlete, a good student and energetic. When she hooked up with him at her reunion, she thought she was in heaven. But Zach dumped her at the end of the weekend and a few months later, she discovered he left her with much more. Determined not to be rejected again, she bought a new house and decided to be a single mother.

Adam Shibbs is everything Molly is not. He is laid-back and determined not to have stress. He wants to live to a ripe old age and enjoy life as he goes. He was raised by a man who always had to work and who died at a young age, leaving Adam convinced that there was a better way to live. Despite their differences, Molly and Adam hit it off in college and have always been friends. In fact, they have stuck together through thick and thin…until Adam watched Molly leave the reunion with Zach. That really bothered him and he just prayed she didn’t get hurt too badly by him.

For six months they have only talked once or twice, far below their normal amount of correspondence. Molly was too wrapped up in her situation and Adam was too afraid that Zach might be in the picture still. But Molly now has a dilemma. She is going after work with a company that has a reputation for not liking executive women. And Molly is fearful that they really won’t like a single pregnant executive. She hatches a scheme to fake a husband. Adam steps up and agrees to marry her for a year so that she can get the contract and have help with the baby for a few months after, until she can get on her feet.

But Cupid has different ideas. Living together exacerbates their differences but it also kicks up their attraction. Both Adam and Molly have to come to grips with their own feelings and then the feelings they are seeing coming from the other…Heat and sex are not the problem. Reconciling their two styles may keep them from the happily ever after.

This story is cute at times, like when Molly has to put up with Adam’s new puppy and tries not to like him. Or when Adam tries to convince Molly to have fun and spends all day goofing off…exhausting himself in the process. The story is silly sometimes particularly when they fight about the dumbest things because they are scared. And the story is romantic at times, like when Adam announces to a baby shower full of women that he loves Molly, surprising both of them.

But ultimately, the tale suffers from too much familiarity and too little innovation. While enjoyable, it is predictable…down to the nosy neighbors and the lovely friends rallying around just when you need them to the misunderstanding that looks like it will break them up forever.

A Little Change of Plans is worth changing your plans to read it, but don’t expect a life-altering experience when doing so.

--Shirley Lyons

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