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The Marriage Conspiracy
by Christine Rimmer
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1423, $4.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-24423-1
Initially I thought The Marriage Conspiracy was a reprint. I keep thinking that I read this story before: best friends marry to keep the custody of a child, the marriage is in name only; no sex for both of them, until one of them suddenly realizes that sex should go with the marriage. Now add pacing as fast as a snail in your garden, and you have a one-heart book.

For the first two chapters, the “unwed mother” heroine Joleen Tilly occupies herself with her sister’s wedding. She worries about her alcoholic uncle, talks to her meddlesome aunt, tries to calm down her tearful sisters and mother, and arranges for the buffet. After such an exciting pre-wedding scene (or should I say chapters?), we finally see Joleen’s faithless boyfriend’s parents threatening to take the custody of Sam, Joleen’s little boy.

Dekker Smith, the newly found missing Bravo Baby millionaire and Joleen’s best friend, comes to her rescue by proposing that they marry. Joleen frets about sex, and he says no sex because he’s not interested. My heart fluttered at such passionately sexy words from a romance hero.

Then suddenly after the marriage, Joleen decides she wants Dekker’s body after all. Always accommodating, our hero rises to the occasion, despite his previous statement that he’s “deadmeat” when it comes to sex. They have great sex. Joleen and Dekker say “I love you’s” to each other, and they live happily ever after.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Fine. The plot seems familiar, but that doesn’t mean the story deserves a one-heart rating.’ So what makes this one-heart?

The format was too long to tell the story the author intended. Most of the pages were wasted on the descriptions of the numerous relatives and friends of Joleen and Dekker. Joleen and Dekker don’t spend much time together. When they do, they lack that special chemistry, that exciting sparks that we expect. The fact that Joleen suddenly found herself in lust with her groom after one chaste kiss in her living room after their wedding ceremony was laughable. And it’s unfortunate that The Marriage Conspiracy does not contain any comic relief other than the Joleen’s sudden lust syndrome. Some humor could have improved the book.

The Marriage Conspiracy is a part of Conveniently Yours series. If you’re an avid fan of the series, then you may want to pick up The Marriage Conspiracy to keep up with the storyline. Otherwise, stay away.

--Stella Knight

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