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Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice
by Kimberly Raye
(Warner Books, $6.50, R) ISBN 0-446-61401-7
Now that her two sisters are married, Eve Farrell is the last single sister.  As the middle child she is and has always been the rebel doing whatever her mother hated.  Which is the cause of her signature color … black.  Eve lives in black from her sexy clothes (thigh high boots, leather mini-skirt) to her dyed hair (which was blond until she started dyeing it at fourteen).  Today Eve owns and produces for Sugar & Spice Sinema – the only company specializing in how-to sex videos for couples.

Raised as the daughter of Jacqueline Farrell, Get Sexed Up! talk show host, staunch womanist and anti-marriage advocate, Eve has no desire to get married.  That is until her mother decides they should start spending more time together, including a weekly lunch.  Eve has a documentary to produce and doesn’t have time to spend with a mother she barely gets along with.  So Eve panics and decides to get married temporarily to get Jacqueline off her back. 

Eve proposes the idea to Linc “Shooter” Adams, NASCAR racer nicknamed for his style of laying low in the first part of race and then shooting his way to first.  Last year, Eve and Linc had a disastrous blind date set up by Eve’s older sister and brother-in-law.  Eve’s opinion is the date was awful because Linc is a stereotypical NASCAR redneck who guzzles a six pack of beer every night, is chauvinistic and barely educated.  They still can’t stand each other. 

Linc is running for mayor of his hometown to help his opponent and best friend since childhood win.  Unfortunately, Linc is leading in the polls.  The temp marriage to Eve is exactly what he needs to turn off voters and his conservative parents.  He accepts and they get married that day.  Despite their differences, the attraction between them sizzles. 

Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice is laugh out loud funny.  Eve and Linc got married for the shock value to their families.  Both want to get their parents off their backs.  The ways that Eve and Linc provoke their families are hilarious. 

In parallel… Donovan, Jacqueline’s lover for thirty-six years and the father of her children, proposes marriage.  Seventy-one-year-old Ruella, Jacqueline’s mother, goes in search of a “grade-A, 100-percent, snow-on-the-rooftop-but-fire-still-blazing-in-the-cookstove man.”  Both Ruella’s quest for a man via personal ads and Jacqueline’s reactions to a marriage proposal just add to the fun.

In addition to the fun, there is a real romance developing between Eve and Linc.  Living together they discover there is more to the other person than expected.  Linc has to come to terms with his parents lack of acceptance for his profession.  His parents think NASCAR racing is just a hobby that Linc will drop for politics.  Eve has always focused on her career because it keeps others from getting to close.

Anyone looking for a fun, fast, sexy read should give Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice a try.

--Terry Lawrence

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