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Sometimes Naughty Sometimes Nice
by Kimberly Raye
(Warner Books, $5.99, R). ISBN 0-446-61400-9
The Farrell daughters and their mother are back, and just as funny as they were in Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice. Xandra, the youngest daughter and the one who has always tried hardest to please her mother, is the heroine. As owner and lead designer of Wild Women, Inc., a leading manufacturer of erotic toys and sexual enhancement products for women, she is determined to give women the Ultimate Orgasm. As the daughter of Jacqueline Farrell, leading sex expert, womanist and anti-marriage activist, she’s determined to adhere to her mother’s Holy Commitment Trilogy for a great relationship: great sex, shared interests, mutual respect — all without marriage entering the picture.

However, the day after Xandra’s live-in boyfriend of eight years packs up and moves out because “she doesn’t do it for him any more,” she finds her first gray hair down there and realizes that at twenty-nine, she’s out of time. She’s wasted eight years on Mark, has no social life and, in the six months since she’s quit smoking, she’s gained ten pounds. So Xandra goes to work to find the perfect man to father her baby.

Albert, her best friend and head of manufacturing for her company, decides he’d be just right for that job. And Xandra’s just hired the bad boy hunk from high school, responsible for the worst five minutes of sex in her life, to renovate her historic Houston home. Beau has never forgotten Xandra, but is determined to make his Hire a Hunk construction company respectable by winning the Texas Monthly renovation competition.

Xandra’s sister, Skye, who got married six months ago much to the horror of her mother, is determined to have not only a baby, but a boy baby because that’s what her husband Clint wants. And the other staff members at Wild Women, Inc., also have story lines, and they are all funnier than the one before.

Overall, Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice is engaging, hilarious and sexy with a huge cast of quirky characters and a plot made more complex by the various couples’ stories and problems. Xandra’s schemes to get Beau into bed and his determination to stay away from her are over the top funny. However, there’s more to these characters than sexual games. Beau feels responsible for the men in his company and wants to make sure they keep their jobs, even if they aren’t as hunky as they used to be.

Xandra has never come to grips with her own lack of sexual self confidence and that she’s never going to be the thin femme fatale she’s always wanted to be. And in spite of the fact that she designs sex toys, she hasn’t had all that much experience with men. All the relationships highlight the fact that Jacqueline’s Holy Trinity may not work as well as she thinks. Mutual respect and shared interests don’t always lead to great sex, and great sex may not always include shared interests.

With all the characters and plot twists; there’s always something happening. This is a fast, funny and sexy read, marred only by the fact that all the couples are very neatly, if not expectedly, hooked up by the end. A sneak peak gives a glimpse of the third Farrell sister’s story. Eve has always annoyed their mother the most, but she is suddenly the good daughter, much to her horror, now that both her sibs are married.

I can’t wait for Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice! There’s little doubt that Eve’s story will be just as big a winner as Skye and Xandra’s are.

--Joni Richards Bodart

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