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Slippery When Wet
by Kimberly Raye
(Love Spell, $7.99, R) ISBN 978-0-505-52773-8
If you like your romance fast-paced, funny, and with plenty of sexual tension, then Slippery When Wet is the book for you.

Jaycee Anderson is the first woman to place in the top four of the Nascar Sprint Cup.  She’s a tomboy who was raised by her single father, Ace, who was a Nascar driver.  Ace didn’t know how to raise a girl, so he taught her the only thing he knew well - racing. Jaycee grew up in stained coveralls, stuffing her hair under a cap and hanging out with the guys on the track.  The only time she was ever tempted to act girly, it turned into a disaster.  Jaycee had a schoolgirl crush on her buddy Rory Canyon and he shot her down, to her adolescent humiliation.

Now, they’re all grown up and Jaycee is set to race against Rory, gunning to knock her former friend out of third place.  Rory is a popular, hunky chauvinist.  While he enjoys his success and the perks that come with it, Rory is being pushed by his dad to end in the top Nascar spot.  But Rory keeps getting distracted by Jaycee’s presence.

Then Jaycee’s estranged half sister, Riley, launches a 100% makeover on Jaycee in an attempt to keep the team’s sponsor on board.  The sponsor, Revved & Ready, needs a more feminine spokesperson to advertise their women’s drink.  Desperate to keep the sponsorship coming in, Jaycee struggles with her changing self-image, high heels and bean sprout diet.  In the meantime, Rory can’t keep his eyes, or hands, to himself.  As the sexual tension between these two heats up, the big race is looming.

Jaycee is a great character.  Her reactions to her inside-and-out makeover are the highlight of the book.  I like that she was self-conscious without being whiny.  It is refreshing to read about a successful, tomboy heroine with a dysfunctional family to deal with.

Rory is hot and sexy and not much else.  He doesn’t have a lot of depth, but he does have the leading man act down.  Together, Jaycee and Rory have sexual chemistry but not a lot of bonding moments.  Their soured past friendship seems to constantly get in the way of the possibility of real closeness.  Will they be a temporary match?  It’s hard to tell.

The story itself is fast-paced, interesting and funny at times.  The ending kind of comes out of nowhere to tie up all the loose ends, but the outcome is nice.  Slippery When Wet is a fun romp for a winter afternoon.

--Amy Wroblewsky  

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