Getting Lucky

Midnight Kisses

Midnight Fantasies by Kimberly Raye
(Love Spell, $5.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-505-52392-2
Elizabeth Carlton, owner of It's Only Make Believe, an agency that specializes in providing sexual fantasies, is bored with her own life. Sheís the daughter of the governor so she doesnít want to really do anything to hurt her family but she wishes she could find the cowboy of her own fantasies and get wild, too. She goes to an old saloon as part of arranging a sexual fantasy and finds a garter. She puts it on.

Meanwhile, roughly 120 years in the past, wild Sinful Sinclair and her twin sister, Sadie, who can cast spells, are in trouble. Sadie has just figured out that Sinful has disappeared before her striptease act and some stranger with her sisterís magic garter has taken her place. That stranger turns out to be Elizabeth. In the middle of all the turmoil, Elizabeth literally tumbles into the lap of the cowboy of her fantasies.

Colt Durango is having some fantasies of his own - but heís there strictly on business. Heís decided his younger stepbrother needs some sex tutelage and Sinful Sinclair has just the reputation to help the boy out. Colt has sworn off his wild life now that he is in charge of a ranch and his orphaned brothers. When Elizabeth thinks Colt has hired her to tutor him and goes after him, he runs. Heís just not that kind of guy - at least not any more.

Is everyone following the plot so far? This is supposed to be ďHot, hot, hot!Ē from the blurb on the cover. Perhaps Iím so jaded, jaded, jaded that I couldnít see it. Well, sure there is a lot of sexual fantasy involved and some that fantasy does come true, but I couldnít get involved in it particularly. Elizabethís attempts to seduce Colt are kind of fun but not that much fun.

Maybe the problem was that I wasnít that bewitched by Elizabeth and Colt. Elizabeth makes the best of a very weird situation and Colt is amusing in his way, but since I struggled with the original premise all the way through the story, it wasnít easy to move on. (I did wonder about things like contraceptives in the Wild West and things like that, but that probably wasnít what I was supposed to be pondering during the sex scenes.) When Colt finally does stop running, Elizabeth is terrified that Colt is only interested in her because she is wearing the magic sex garter that gets all men crazy with lust. (Question: Since Sadie Sinclair feels really bad about her lack of sex appeal, why didnít she get one for herself?)

The subplot with Sadie and the three bad guys who follow Elizabeth everywhere is not particularly interesting. I did like Coltís younger brother and his frightened attempts to win the girl of his dreams, but that subplot didnít last too long. And, while Iím assuming there is a sequel coming out, the complete failure to find out a hint of where Sinful disappeared to bothered me.

--Irene Williams

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