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Welcome to Small Press Spotlight, where you can get to know some of the smaller romance publishers. This week we welcome ImaJinn Books, founded by Linda Kichline. We'll let Linda and author JoAnn Ferguson tell you all about ImaJinn and thier mission.

Interview with Linda Kichline, Publisher

Did you have a mission in mind when you began producing books?

Yes, our mission was--and still is--to publish fast-paced, action-packed romances involving ghosts, psychics or psychic phenomena, witches, vampires, werewolves, angels, reincarnation, futuristic in space or on other planet, futuristic on earth, time travel to the past, time travel to the present, and any other story line that will fall into the "new-age" genre. We also publish an occasional non-traditional romantic story where the romantic elements are not necessarily the main focus of the plot. Two examples of this would be our October release, A Love Through All Time by Jean Nash. This is a mesmerizing reincarnation story, and although it has a strong romance, it is not a traditional romance. Another example would be our December release, Time of the Wolf by Julie D'Arcy. Time of the Wolf does have a romance, but the romance is a secondary element to a thrilling, fantasy adventure of good versus evil.

What will a reader find when she opens one of your books and settles down to read?

Readers will find exciting, fast-paced stories that will range from dark, such as Nancy Gideon's vampire romance Midnight Enchantment, a December release, to captivating non-earth fantasies such as J. A. Ferguson's Dreamsinger, an October release, to light-hearted, fun fantasy stories, such as Cupid: The Amorous Arrow, the first in a series of Cupid books by J. M. Jeffries, and Mad for Max by Holly Fuhrmann, a February release. In Mad for Max an author's three fictional, fumbling fairy godmothers come to life and set out to find the author her Prince Charming. We also have several time travels, a shapeshifter, and a ghost story coming out during the next several months.

In what format are your books published?

Our books are trade paperbacks (5.5"W X 8.5"H) and our print size is 12 pt, which makes our books easy to read. At present, we are not doing print-on-demand.

How are your books distributed? Do you get help from Ingrams or Baker & Taylor, or are you on your own?

Our books are primarily distributed by us through mail order and from our web site, We expect to be distributed by Baker & Taylor in the very near future, and our books will be listed with and possibly Barnes and Noble on the Internet. We are also selling directly to many book stores. If readers can't find our books at their favorite book store, they can ask their book store to order our books. We also have packets that book stores can request that tell them how to buy directly from us.

Tell us how you advertise. Where do the dollars go, primarily?

Most of our advertising is through direct mailing and specialty magazines, such as Affaire de Coeur and The New-Age Bookshelf.

Who are some of the authors you've contracted with? What releases do you have out or soon out?

Our authors, in alphabetical order, are: Rebecca Anderson, Julie D'Arcy, J. A. Ferguson, Dimitri Eaan, Holly Fuhrmann, Nancy Gideon, J. M. Jeffries, Marian Jones, Linda Kichline, Shauna Michaels, and Jean Nash. We are also in contract negotiations with several other authors.

Our releases for the next several months are:

October 1999: A Love Through All Time; Cupid: The Amorous Arrow; Dreamsinger.
December 1999: Midnight Enchantment; Time of the Wolf.
February 2000: Cupid: The Bewildering Bequest; Mad for Max.
April 2000: Timeless Shadows
June 2000: Etched In Stone; Hold Onto the Night.

We are currently publishing every other month, but if reader demand is high enough, we will go to a monthly publishing schedule.

What is the price range for your releases?

The retail price of our books will range from $6.50 to $12.95; Imajinn Books offers reader discounts that range from $5.20 to $10.35. We also offer personalized, autographed books for no additional charge.

How can readers purchase your books?

Readers can buy directly from us through the Internet or by mail. They can call us toll free at 1-877-625-3592 for a catalog of our current releases or visit our web site to view our book list. They should be able to find our books through, and possibly through Barnes and Noble on the Internet. If their favorite book store doesn't stock our books, they should ask their book store to order our books for them.

Do you have a website with more information?

Yes, our web site is During the month of October, we will give away several prizes to celebrate the launching of our romance line. Readers may register for the giveaways at our web site or mail us a post card with their name, address, and phone number and the word "Giveaway". No purchase is necessary. We'll also be starting a monthly contest in November. Readers may watch the web site for details, or mail us and we'll send them the information. Our mailing address is: ImaJinn Books, PO Box 162, Hickory Corners, MI 49060-0162.

An Author's Perspective: Interview with JoAnn Ferguson

What led you to a small press? Were you previously published by a mainstream house?

I'll answer the second question first. Yes, I've been published by Kensington, Harper, Berkley/Jove and Tudor as well as MountainView and New Concepts (the latter two epublishers). I came to ImaJinn because they were publishing the sort of books I wanted to write in addition to my other novels. I had published three paranormals through Zebra Regency (A PHANTOM AFFAIR, THE CONVENIENT ARRANGEMENT, and the novella "Spellbound" in SPELLBOUND HEARTS). The feedback I received from readers was unprecedented. They loved this type of story and wanted more. However, Kensington was moving away from that sort of Regency, so I started looking for a new place to write my paranormals. When I heard about ImaJinn, I decided to submit my other world romance DREAMSINGER and a time travel, TIMELESS SHADOWS.

What's it like writing for a small press?

The personal attention to my book has been wonderful. I have had feedback on every step of the publishing process. I had a chance to write my own back cover copy, which is something I had a lot of fun doing. I liked the idea of having my books published as a trade paperback with a focus on selling to libraries to build the readership for paranormals. The con about working for a small press, especially a new one, is having to be patient about building a readership, not only for my books, but for the house. That's the situation with any start-up, and it's exciting to be at the beginning of something and have a chance to watch it grow.

Describe your upcoming books for us.

DREAMSINGER (October 1999) is the first book of a trilogy set on a non-Earth planet. It is a planet where some people have the special gift of showing the future to others through singing their dreams. The hero has been condemned to a horrible death by the heroine's mother (the planet's ruler) and the heroine is being sent by her mother to do her duty in a distant ciy. On their way, they are attacked and must become allies to save what is left of their world. The heroine has a "pet" which is a combination of a cat and a snail (yes, I was using my imagination when Bidge came into my head) which "talks" only to her. . .until she starts to open her heart to the hero.

DREAMSINGER will be followed by DREAMSTONE (in August 2000) and DREAM'S CHILD (in April 2001) -- both tentative titles.

TIMELESS SHADOWS (April 1999) is a time travel with a touch of magic and witchcraft. The heroine is swept back to (English) Civil War Scotland where she may be the way to save what was her family's castle or the cause of its destruction. The hero, who thought the castle would be his, cannot believe she is the daughter of a past laird, and even she does not accept that she was born in this time and sent forward to the future until she is drawn back to Castle Braeburn and a chance to change its fate and to fall in love.

MY LORD VIKING (December 2000) is my second time travel that is scheduled to be published by ImaJinn. The premise is simple -- in Regency England, where manners are most important, how will an unmannered 10th century Viking, who hates everything English and is on a quest, fit in? And how can any young miss about to be subjected to an arranged marriage going to resist this handsome warrior?

Do you receive advances and royalties?

Information on advances and royalty rates are available from the publisher. They are commensurate with other publishers.

Tell us about your experiences promoting a small-press release.

I am handling that as I do all my books. I am spreading the word to my readers' list both with mailings from me and from ImaJinn. Linda Kichline, ImaJinn's publisher, has sent the book out for quotes and review. I have handouts for booksignings and for when I speak at conferences and other events. And I'm telling anyone who will stop long enough about how excited I am about DREAMSINGER.

Linda and JoAnn, thank you both, and best of luck! Readers, look for reviews of ImaJinn books on our pages in the near future.

November 18, 1999

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