Wyoming Tough
by Diana Palmer
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77629-0
Edith Danielle Morena Brannt (aka Morie) is a well-to-do young adult who is the daughter of a well-known and successful Texas rancher. Her brother has been raised to work on the ranch, but Morie has been restricted. Morieís father, Kingston Brannt, thinks women should be taken care of and should not work. Morie has an interest in learning the business and wants to get hands on.

Morie is a pretty stubborn young woman and if her father wonít let her get her way then she will just take matters in her own hands. Morie leaves her safe and privileged life and decides to moves to Wyoming where she gets a job as a hired hand on a local ranch. Mallory Kirk and his two brothers run the Rancho Real and even though the Brannts are well known, the Kirks do not realize they have just hired Kingstonís daughter.

Morie is not living in the luxury she is used to, but she is very happy for the freedom she now has to learn the things that she has always wanted to know. She enjoys the people she works with and especially enjoys Mallory, even though he is hard, stubborn, and casually seeing a woman that is deceiving him right under his nose. Morie knows this new life is going to unravel in a short period of time, she just hopes that Mallory can see past that and will understand that her intent is not to betray him.

Wyoming Tough is a fun, adventurous, and simple story. Morie and Mallory are both great characters that spark firecrackers every time they interact. Itís enjoyable to envision them together. I do wish their names were not so similar. Itís a bit confusing as youíre trying to get to know all of the characters in the beginning. Itís easier as the story progresses, but would be nice if Morie went by Danielle.

I would recommend Wyoming Tough as a pleasant read that everyone is sure to enjoy. The other Kirk brothers are, of course, due for their own story in this new Wyoming Men series and I look forward to continuing to get to know the family that was introduced here.

--Nichole Howell

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