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Bring on the Night by Sara Orwig
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1298, $4.75, PG) ISBN 0-373-27368-1
Jonah Whitewolf, former Colonel in the Special Forces, former oil well Firefighter, is dumbstruck when he inherits a huge working ranch in Texas and over a million dollars from a man he and his team had rescued years ago from kidnappers in a foreign country.

Having lived life on the edge for too long, Jonah decides to ranch rather than continue his high risk jobs which had been a factor in his divorce from his former wife Kate. He is settling in and makes a quick trip to town when he stumbles over his former wife Kate accompanied by a small child.

Henry is, of course, the son he did not know he had, and since Kate’s home state of North Carolina could not be further away, to say that Jonah was shocked to find her and with a son is a true understatement.

Not only stunned but furious, Jonah quickly forces the issue with Kate and tells Henry who he is.

Kate’s financial circumstances have dramatically changed since he knew her. She is recovering emotionally and financially from being the sole caregiver of her terminally ill parents. Using the Internet Kate had found a job in San Antonio and is in the small town to find an inexpensive apartment and set up day care for Henry.

Jonah will have none of this and insists that they share his huge house. Amidst Kate’s guilt about keeping Henry from Jonah is the reality of her impoverished financial situation and the fact that Jonah would certainly make good his threat to take her to court. So, she accepts with trepidation.

So far pretty predictable. However, the author has introduced a vicious threat to Jonah and his neighboring ranchers by acts of vandalism, rustling, fire and bombs threatening them all. Jonah of course charges in to protect what is his, rekindling for Kate the terrors she felt when he was in Special Forces. On the other hand Jonah is bitter and angry, knowing that he will never trust her again.

This would be sufficient conflict to carry a plot, but Orwig fuels it with steamy sexual tension, notwithstanding their deep distrust of the other. She peoples her story with well-developed characters and crisp dialogue amidst the mounting pressure on all fronts.

Orwig is a skilled craftsman, and if the plot were not so unsurprising, it would merit a higher rating.

--Thea Davis

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