Get Lucky
by Lorie OíClare
(St. Martinís, $7.99, R) ISBN 978-0-312-37216-3
Get Lucky is a new novel in Lorie OíClareís Bounty Hunters series, and while itís a good twist on a modern Romeo and Juliet, it runs out of luck by the last chapters.

Bounty hunter Marc King is the oldest son of legendary bounty hunter Greg King, and he needs a break from working tough cases. He checks into a beautiful Colorado ski lodge to rest up and ignore the world, when he meets London Brooke working at the front desk. She immediately captures his attention with her quick smile, beautiful hair and professionally distant demeanor. He decides right away that a vacation fling with London might be exactly the right way to distract himself on vacation.

Londonís been hit on by a lot of guests at the lodge, and has always managed to dodge and evade them while maintaining her cool I-just-work-here ways. When she meets the very sexy and mysterious Marc, she doesnít really want to maintain the distance anymore. When Marc gets stuck in a snowstorm on one of his first nights in Colorado, and London has to come and bail him out, she knows that she wonít be able to resist him for long, and they soon begin a quick affair.

Londonís scared by her easy acquiescence to Marcís charms, as sheís been a very closed book for most of her life. Growing up with her con artist parents, Ruby and Johnnie Brooke who alternately neglected and then taught her their thieving ways, she doesnít really trust anyone. Sheís chosen to leave her parents behind, and settle into a sedate, predictable life of living alone while working extra shifts at the lodge. She doesnít have any close friends, and sheís fine keeping her own secrets. However, when London meets Marc, she realizes that she most definitely has been missing something, and that he will dig into her past where she doesnít want him to go. As much as she wants to be close to him, she just canít risk it.

Luckily, Marc runs off without saying a word just as London reaches this conclusion, but he soon comes back with a crazy story about blackmail and revenge against his parents. The funny thing is that Londonís secretly received the same blackmail notes and pictures as Marc of her own family, and like it or not, theyíre now stuck in this tangled game together.

Get Lucky was a good read, but it lacked solid follow through for me. Iíll give you examples of what I mean here:

London was a good sketch of a heroine, but never fully fleshed out. She had all of the basic components of Sassy Modern Independent Heroine but most of it was talked about instead of seen. While she is obviously independent, living on her own, she often comes across as scared and needy. While she is tough enough to fight when she has to, she also hides a lot. It was hard to be on Londonís side when she seemed a little more ghostly than real woman.

Marc was no ghost, he was all muscles and man and I liked him. He was a well thought out character and fun to read. My issue with Marc came from his sudden turnabouts with London. He seemed to change his mind about their relationship several times in subtle ways until I was sure he was throwing me all kinds of mixed signals Ė annoying.

Also, on the subject of our leading couple, chemistry was super hot during their conversations and regular interactions just to seriously fizzle in the bedroom. That was disappointing. Not to mention, there was some odd, disjointed bedroom banter that jarred the love scenes even more.

Finally, the action story for the most part was vague and must have a beginning and ending somewhere outside the 384 pages of this story.

Get Lucky has some lucky moments, but in general, I didnít love it because itís inconsistencies became too obvious to ignore.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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