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New Faces 213
Addison Fox
by Cathy Sova

Welcome to our New Faces column, where you can meet debut romance authors and find out about their books. This time we're visiting with Addison Fox, whose first release is a paranormal romance, Warrior Ascended from Signet.

Addison, welcome to TRR! Tell us about yourself.

I'm a lifelong reader and lover of the written word. Like most writers, I was a reader first and I can still remember how much joy it brought me when I could actually curl up on the couch and read a book all by myself.

I started my first book 13 years ago, shortly after a move. I was in a new city and didn't know a lot of people and I'd been toying with the idea of writing a book. I don't know how to explain it other than the fact that it just felt like the right time to try my hand at writing. I'm happy to say I never looked back. Although the road to publication lasted a bit longer than I'd expected (or wanted!) I am also grateful for the wonderful friends I've made along the way. People who understand the writer's journey and who are there for every type of support, from cheerleading to medicinal wine drinking after a rejection.

I'm originally from the northeast and, as of January of this year, am happy to say I'm back in New York and loving it!

Are you coming to romance writing from another job?

I am still actively working at a day job. I work in advertising.

What led you to write romance?

The decision to write romance was an easy one for me. I've been a lifelong romance reader, from the teen romances I read in my early teens, to the adult romances I began devouring by my mid-teens. It's what I love most to read and what I most want to write.

Tell us about your road to publication.

As I said above, it took me longer than most. I started writing in early 1997 and didn't get the call until November of 2008. That said, I wrote two books in five years and then, in September 2002, I finally wised up. I joined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter and found my home. The most wonderful, supportive group of writers who understood ME and how I thought.

Although I don't discount those early years, for me, I believe September 2002 was when I finally got serious about writing and focused on the goal of being a working writer. It took me five years to write 2 books and in the ensuing 6 years, I wrote 8 books. Joining RWA truly changed my focus and allowed me to realize two things - 1) this dream was not only possible, but I was meeting people each and every month who were living this dream. 2) If I wanted this, I had to persevere and hold out past the rejections and just keep going.

I have also been very fortunate to meet several people who have had a huge influence on my writing. While the list of those who've had an impact on me is quite long, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge three people. My critique partner, Alice Fairbanks-Burton, is a rock of support, always pushing me to be better and to work harder. Lori Wilde was one of the first authors to help me and take an interest in my writing and I will be forever grateful to her for her thoughtful help and support. And Lorraine Heath is both mentor and treasured friend.

What kind of research was involved for your first book?

For my first-first book (the one not meant to see the light of day), I really didn't need to do a whole lot of research. I set it in an advertising agency so I had a pretty good feel for the setting.

For WARRIOR ASCENDED, my first published book, I've done a lot of research on Greek mythology and the history of astrology. WARRIOR ASCENDED is a paranormal romance about the Warriors of the Zodiac, a band of warriors awarded the traits of their astrological sign and bound to do battle for the Greek goddess of Justice, Themis.

It's been an incredibly fun project, learning just how tightly intertwined Western astrology is with Greek mythology.

Tell us about your debut book.

WARRIOR ASCENDED launches the paranormal series, The Sons of the Zodiac. Millennia ago, the Greek goddess of justice, Themis, created a race of warriors to do battle with the goddess of war, Enyo.

Book 1 is about my Leo Warrior, Brody Talbot. Brody is an archaeologist and he's tasked to protect Dr. Ava Harrison, a curator at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Ava's father discovered the five Summoning Stones of Egypt two decades prior and was soon after murdered for his discovery.

For the first time since their discovery, the stones are going to be placed together in one exhibit, curated by…..yep, you guessed it…Ava. Although Ava has always had an unconscious fear of the stones, she can't turn down this opportunity. Fortunately for her, the Warriors soon recognize the Stones aren't as innocuous as they seem and Brody is assigned to keep her safe.

Of course, as any good romance reader knows….keeping her safe means Brody's heart is in some serious jeopardy!

Who are your influences as a writer?

I am an avid reader and am influenced by so many. I love reading a great book, sinking into it and losing myself in the story. Whenever that happens, I love trying to figure out how that happened and how the author was able to pull me so deeply into their story. The books I felt that way about most recently was with Anne Stuart's ICE series. If you haven't read those, RUN - don't walk - to your nearest book store and pick them up. They are incredible, amazing stories and her talent as a writer is just awesome.

I'm also an avid fan of Nora Roberts. As a reader I always know I'm guaranteed a great read. As a writer, her ability to stay focused on her craft and produce something original each and every time out there makes her a true standout for me. I attend her talk every single year at the RWA National conference . I find her attitude toward the work so inspirational and just so spot on. As I fondly tell anyone who will listen to me, Nora is truly the bomb-diggity!

What does your family think of having a published romance author in their midst?

My family has been so incredible - they are truly my biggest cheerleaders. Nothing has given me greater joy than watching my parents' faces as they read the dedication of my first book. I am incredibly blessed by my family and friends who have cheered me on and encouraged me, every step of the way.

I can only wish the same love, encouragement and support for every writer out there.

Tell us about plans for future books.

The second book in the series, WARRIOR AVENGED, will be out in September. This is my Scorpio, Kane Montague's story. You'll meet Kane in WARRIOR ASCENDED - as well as the woman who's set to lead him on a very merry chase, the mysterious Ilsa. I absolutely love these two characters - they're headstrong, flawed and deeply attracted to each other. I've had so much fun spending time with them (and torturing them!!)

How can readers get in touch with you?

I'd love it if you visited my website, I've got an email form there and I'd love to hear from you!

Addison, thanks for joining us, and best of luck with your future releases! March 14, 2010

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