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  Savvy Contest ends March 24
Welcome to the Romance Savvy contest. The Savvy Contest is temporarily discontinued. We hope to resume our contest soon!

Each week, a winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers and will receive a new romance book. Good luck and enjoy.

One sexy starlet has decided a weekend with her button-down attorney is just what she needs to get the role of a lifetime. After all, who better to teach her how to go from being a simpering sexpot to a serious scientist than the most uptight man she's ever met? But is Bigfoot country really the place to take your geek?

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Last Week's Answer:

This time travel/historical begins at an execution. The hero and heroine have joined the crowd to provide moral support to a comrade who is sentenced to be hanged. They unwittingly assist another condemned man to escape.

DRUMS OF AUTUMN by Diana Gabaldon

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