The Duke Diaries
by Sophia Nash
(Avon, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-06-202234-9
Lady Verity Fitzroy has been in love with Rory Lennox, the Earl of Rutledge, from a very young age. Back then he had no clue and was much too old for her, but it was a true crush. When Verity sees him being affectionate with another woman, it devastates her. Verity has always written in her journals, but from that moment the subject of them changes and she begins chronicling the lives of the Prince Regentís court, which is scandalous to say the least.

On the eve of James Candoverís (the Duke of Sussex) wedding, the court has a night of fun which one would think would never be forgotten, but alas Rory wakes in a mysterious place. He somehow ends up in Verityís bed. When Verityís brother walks in heís furious and banishes Verity to the country with a promise that Rory will marry her.

Country life is extremely boring for Verity, but when Rory comes to meet her a week later she is happy for the company. He insists on marrying her, but she denies the proposals as she has no hope for love and refuses to marry without it. When she learns that a reporter in London has her diaries and is publishing the shocking stories, she knows there is no hope.

The Duke Diaries is a comical but sweet story. Verity is an independent woman ahead of her time in breaking away from what society believes she should do. That, along with her stubbornness, brings a fun and witty story. She forces Rory to really work for her hand and itís nice seeing the hero of the story be pleasant and patient with her.

Sophia Nash has done well in The Duke Diaries, her third book in the Royal Entourage series. The book can be read as a separate book. The author likes to use numbered lists in this book, which seems a bit odd as it infringes the flow of the story and is a reminder of real life and not the break reading a book offers.

A quick, easy read, and an entertaining story; The Duke Diaries earns 3 hearts.

--Nichole Howell

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