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Enchantment by Kathleen Nance
(Love Spell, $5.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-505-52484-8
Enchantment didn't enchant me. Although I liked the premise of the book - the "other woman" finds true love - I didn't like that more time was spent developing the fantasy than was spent developing the main characters and their romance.

Jack Montgomery is a scientist, a man who likes his world and his facts to be verifiable. But after his sister gets involved with a male genie, Jack is forced to believe in magic. However, believing in it doesn't mean he has to like it. In fact, in the two years since he discovered that magic exists, Jack has been doing his best to find a scientific way to stop it. Jack never wants to be at the mercy of a genie again.

Leila is a genie, just not a very talented one. Since Jack's sister married her lover, she has been thinking about her life. Leila may not have a lot of talent when it comes to magic, but she does know what she wants.

After seeing Jack's picture, she decides she wants him. Leila is beautiful and used to getting any man she pleases. So it comes as bit of a shock when Jack doesn't seem particularly interested in having sex with her. Leila tries to use her magic on him, but Jack somehow takes away her powers. Leila and Jack end up stranded in her world and she has no magic to help them get back to civilization.

Jack isn't completely sure what happened to Leila's magic, nor does he know how to return it to her. He does feel more comfortable knowing Leila can't use her powers to make him obey her or fall in love with her.

Despite her lack of magic, or maybe because of it, Jack finds himself growing very attracted to Leila. Leila is very attracted to Jack but wary of his ability to drain her of her powers.

Leila always felt people in her world looked down on her because of her lack of abilities. Although intelligent, she was never able to perform the level of magic that others in her world could. Her journey with Jack shows Leila that there is more to life and more to being Leila than just mere magic.

Although I didn't read the author's previous book, it seems clear that Leila was the "bad girl," "other woman" in the story. The one who wanted the hero, but the hero wanted Jack's sister. I always feel empathy for those women, who are usually portrayed as evil or mercenary or anything but just someone who fell for a man who didn't return the favor.

So I was looking forward to reading a story where the "other woman" has her day in the sun. But in order to understand and accept Leila, I needed to know what made her tick. I really didn't understand Leila and why she is the way she is until the second half of the book.

The first half of Enchantment is mostly about the genie world and the fantastic creatures that inhabit the place. If Leila and Jack were characters that I cared about, I would have enjoyed the author's imaginative fantasy world.

Since I didn't know enough about either of the main characters, particularly Leila, to care about whether they were stranded, I was just couldn't get interested in the story. Because I was looking for both romance and fantasy, I was disappointed when the budding romance between Leila and Jack took second billing to the fantasy genie world.

--Judith Flavell

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