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Daddy On Demand
by Helen R. Myers
(SSE #2004, $4.99, PG)  ISBN 978-0373-65486-4
Daddy on Demand is a nice story that is actually unique, even though it plays upon an old theme. Collin Masters had one disastrous marriage and vows never to marry again. Sabrina Sinclair has had a lifetime of her family telling her what to do and she wants independence. When these two meet it is instant attraction  Unfortunately, Sabrina is Collin’s employee and he has a rule about that. So despite her excellent performance, he has her transferred to another department working for a boss who is known as an eccentric. Sabrina feels she has to quit and really resented Collin for shipping her off.  She never really understood his reasoning as he never told her he was attracted to her.

It is now several months later. Collin has just found out that his sister, Cassidy is being deployed overseas. She is the single mother of twin three-year-old girls and wants Collin to watch them while she is gone. She suggests Sabrina be hired as the girls’ nanny. Cassidy liked Sabrina and is determined that Sabrina be hired, partly because she knows she will care for her babies and partly because she recognized the attraction between Sabrina and Collin and thinks they’d be good for each other. First, Sabrina declines, but then circumstances cause her to take the job for both the money and a place to live. She agrees to move into Collin’s house, care for the girls and try to remain focused on her objective of independence. Collin, meanwhile, still has feelings for Sabrina but is aware that there are two innocent children involved too. He wants to set a good example, but finds that he must really fight his attraction.

Here is where the story could have become bogged down in their lust and really taken a downward turn. Instead, Myers has actually made these two adults act like adults! It is so refreshing. Collin comes clean and shares his frustration when he senses that Sabrina is fighting her attraction too. They agree that they need to be cautious, and be circumspect in front of the girls. They talk and become friends. They share some kisses but hold their sexual attraction in check. This gives the relationship time to develop and when they decide to take it further, it feels right.

Other issues are tackled here that enrich the story. The whole concept of mothers being sent to war is covered but is presented in a way to show both sides. Collin also has some past baggage to work through and he does so maturely. There were a lot of hinted issues with Sabrina’s family that are never really explored nor fully explained. That was one piece that could have been clearer so the reader could better understand Sabrina’s motivation. 

The twins were cute but a little too precocious for three year olds to me. I think they would have been more believable if they had been a little older. But those are minor quibbles. The bulk of the story was engaging, filled with adult humor and situations two healthy adults would have been confronted with in a developing relationship. 

Daddy on Demand could have been all the bad things that category romance often get accused of – sentimentality, lust filled scenes and problems solved too neatly. Under Myers' firm hand, what we have is a good story with depth and adult emotions. Hooray!

--Shirley Lyons 

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