Our Readers Favorite Romantic Movies
After TRR contributors compiled their lists of their favorite romantic movies, our readers had fun joining in with comments and their own lists. Don't forget to check out Readers Favorite Movie Hunks, too.

Tami's Favorite Romantic Movies (tami.williams@sylvania.sev.org)

Okay, you holdouts. Do not "miss the canoe" on LAST OF THE MOHICANS. I was in a stupor for two months over it.

Here are some sure fire winners which were not mentioned in others' lists:

DYING YOUNG - Featuring Julia Roberts. You took one look at the video box and said, "Downer!" But this will not let you down. A great surprise find!
ROXANNE - The Steve Martin remake of Cyrano de Bergerac. This is so charming and well acted. Classic romance. Don't miss this one either!
CRAZY FROM THE HEART - A TNT Original. It re-runs every so often. Do not miss this. Rigid Texas teacher, engaged forever to the football coach, is wooed by the sensitive, hard-working school janitor.
WHITE PALACE - May/December, right/wrong sides of the tracks, steamy love lead through an angst-filled plot to something gratifying.

Evonne Parrino's Favorite Romantic Movies (captyogi@elite.net)

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier version. Even though it is not as true to the book as the A&E version, I still love to watch it over and over again.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Who couldn't love this movie?
THE PHILADELPHIA STORY- Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Need I say more?
ALWAYS - Richard Dryfuss and Holly Hunter really seem to belong together. But Brad Johnson stopped my heart!
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Watched it 5 times in one day.
GIANT - Watching Jordan and Leslie raise their family and grow old together is wonderful to watch. The evolution this family makes is great.
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - The Jane Seymour, Anthony Andrews version. A hero and a romantic, wow!
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Very entertaining, especially for a Shakespeare fan. And no one dies!
REBECCA - I loved how the heroine started off timid as a mouse, but when finally realizing her husband loved her, became strong enough to take on the evil Mrs. Danvers.
BABY BOOM - I love Diane Keaton and Sam Sheppard in this. Makes me want to move to Vermont.

Julie Nowak's Favorite Romantic Movies (g96tal@sprynet.com)

BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Has to be the best sweetest love story, to fall in love with the soul within.
THE CUTTING EDGE - I just love when a couple dislikes each other and end up falling in love.
JERRY MAGUIRE - What can I say, Tom Cruise, yum.
LADYHAWKE - Rutger Hauer is great in this very moving love story.
MEDICINE MAN - Sean Connery is a hunk! How could any female not fall for him.
MURPHY'S ROMANCE - Nice May-December romance movie.
ONE FINE DAY - Was a really clean romance.
PRETTY WOMAN - A Cinderella story.
ROMANCING THE STONE - Got me started writing my own romance novel.

Rebecca's Favorite Romantic Movie (miket5@acmenet.net)

HANOVER STREET - I certainly agree with many listed from other romance fans. I didn't see anyone list HANOVER STREET with Christopher Plummer and Harrison Ford in love with the same woman. All I remember is it was GREAT! And it's a tear-jerker. In fact, I'll have to rent it again because I can't remember how it ends.

Bunky's Favorite Romantic Movies (Bunky25434@aol.com)

BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY - I know people either hate it or love it; I love it because I've lived it.
OUT OF AFRICA - Every scene with Robert Redford! But, I always fall apart at the end when they show the lions on his grave, and she is saying "Denis will love that; I must remember to tell him". I have been to Karen Blixen's homestead in Nairobi, (it is the home used in the making of the movie), and have walked on that flagstone patio where they sat and listened to the phonograph. From there you can see the Ngorongoro mountains where he is buried, as well as "Karen's School", which is still in use.
ROMAN HOLIDAY - When Audrey Hepburn walks past Gregory Peck and he reaches out his arm and stops her; and the looks they give each other at the press conference at the end.

Shebalu's Favorite Romantic Movies (shebalu@pop.erols.com)

BRIGADOON - Oh what those old musicals had!! Gene Kelly and Cyd Charise dancing in the heather. Even the cynical Van Johnson afraid of magic. Remember "Anything is possible if you love someone enough"
ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES - I would rather have Kevin Costner speaking like a Californian than Meryl Streep's Polish accent (SOPHIE'S CHOICE). Alan Rickman is such a delicious villian, "Do you mind we've just been wed!" But truly it is the entire film from photography, to soundtrack, to casting.
A ROOM WITH A VIEW - Though my husband claims it is strictly the men skinny dipping that I watch it for.
JUMPING JACK FLASH - Love online before it's time. Whoopi Goldberg is wonderful and a lot of fun.

Celia McCuaig's Favorite Romantic Movies (Oakley, CA)

EMMA - Jeremy Northam, Jeremy Northam, Jeremy Northam!
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - Not for Daniel Day-Lewis (Hawkeye) & Madeleine Stowe (Cora), but for Eric Schweig (Uncas) and Johdi May (Cora's sister). Oh, my heart still skips a beat when Eric tries to save Johdi from Wes Studi (Magwa) and dies trying. Just that last look Eric gives Johdi...sigh.
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - One of the few book-to-movie transitions that didn't get messed up. Fav line - Wesley's "As you wish."
THE ENGLISH PATIENT - Another incredible book-to-movie transition. Beautiful book and gorgeous movie. Put Ralph Fiennes on the major hunk list.
A ROOM WITH A VIEW - I can watch this on video countless times and never get tired of it.
STOLEN WOMEN - Okay, I'm cheating with a made-for-tv movie. But CBS got the most calls about Michael Grey Eyes from women asking, "Who was that handsome man?" My friend and I met him at the Dreamspeakers (Native American/Aboriginal) Film Festival in Edmonton, Canada this May and he is the sweetest man! He (and his wife) won fans for life.
CASABLANCA - A classic. Ingrid Bergman & Humphrey Bogart!
NOTORIOUS - Again Ingrid Bergman. With Cary Grant! One of my favorite Hitchcock movies.

K. O'Neal's Favorite Romantic Movies (kimo70@seanet.com)


Kelli's Favorite Romantic Movies (pka@pioneerplanet.infi.net)

WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN - Andy Garcia as the devoted, but strong husband! I would die to have a man love me as much as he loved Meg Ryan!
ALWAYS and ONCE AROUND - Both movies with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter. They have wonderful chemistry and both stories are touching and funny. Get the kleenex!
THAT TOUCH OF MINK - Could Cary Grant be any sexier!

Josh David Klein's Favorite Romantic Movies

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - My all time favorite!
FRENCH KISS - Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline had CHEMISTRY
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Very sweet and romantic. Love Bill Pullman.
MRS. WINTERBOURNE - Just bought the movie a couple of months ago and have already watched it three times.
DIRTY DANCING - Patrick Swayze at his best - loved the music.
COCKTAIL - Tom Cruise at his sexiest -- When he was doing his bartender routine - WOW!
THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS - The plain girl gets the guy - however I think Jenny is really cute.
THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES - Really liked this movie!
MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING - Saw this movie twice at the theater - Can't remember the last time I did that. Will definitely buy this movie!

The Hepburn's Favorite Romantic Movies (TheHepburn@aol.com)

HOLD BACK THE DAWN - Forget the Casbah! I'll take this south-of-the-border romance with Charles Boyer anyday.
EMMA - The Paltrow version
- A man that doesn't care that you smoke or can't have children or that you are a man; that's what I call "romance."
SABRINA - The Audrey version
MANNEQUIN - Not the junky 80's version but the one made in the 1930's with Spencer Tracy and Joan Crawford.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - I like both the MGM and BBC/A&E version
IVANHOE - The 1980's made for TV version with Anthony Andrews.

Angie's Favorite Romantic Movies (Ang540@aol.com)

LADYHAWKE - Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer are lovers who have a curse put on them by a jealous Bishop.She is a hawk by day,He is a wolf by night.It's such a tear jerker with a happy ending.
THE WAY WE WERE - The story of opposites that attract but alas cannot make their relationship work no matter how much they love each other. Another tear jerker.

Todd Alder's Favorite Romantic Movies (alder@biology.utah.edu)

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - My absolute favorite!
OVERBOARD - To me this movie is like picking up your favorite old Harlequin, you know the one that got you hooked on romance, the one you never seen to tire of.
BELL, BOOK & CANDLE - A romance with a quirky twist.
AMERICAN DREAMER - This is actually my unauthorized biography.
MOONSTRUCK - A Cinderella story for the 90's.
PRIDE & PREJUDICE - I fell in love with Colin Firth. I will never forget the scene where they both hesitantly smile at each other for the first time. And the kiss at the end -- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
ROMANCING THE STONE - Loved her story in the beginning.
THE QUIET MAN - Another Alpha Male!
TOP GUN - There was so much chemistry between these two characters. I saw it at the theater 3 nights in a row. Tom Cruise just gets better and better.

Marsha Canham's Favorite Romantic Movies (marsha.canham@sympatico.ca)

BRAVEHEART - The line, "Why are you helping me? Because of the way you are looking at me right now." Argh. Loved it.
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - Again..."What are you looking at? I'm looking at you." Sigh.
BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - Hugging the cat in the rain!
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Colin Firth could strip paint and I'd watch him.
LADYHAWKE - Has to be my absolute favorite to watch on a veg day.
SHINING THROUGH - When Michael Douglas just keeps running for the border.
DANCES WITH WOLVES - Just because.
LAST OF THE DOGMEN - Tom Berenger makes my toes curl.

Renee Cotton's Favorite Romantic Movies (cotton_norm@msn.com)

LADYHAWKE - The plot is original and Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer are the most romantic pair ever to grace the silver screen. I could watch it 100 times.
GREEN CARD - Loved the offbeat chemistry and the sensitivity of these two charming lead characters.
GROUNDHOG DAY - Quirky, yes. But what a great story about a man who keeps living the same day over again so he can get the day right with the woman he loves.
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Loved the entire cast. Emma Thompson is a wonderful heroine and Kenneth Brannagh is a great hero. Wickedly funny and Denzel Washington is in this too!
SHINING THROUGH - Great espionage story and terrific romance.
BRAVEHEART - Mel Gibson is the consumate romantic hero in this one.
SABRINA - Harrison Ford is a perfect jaded hero who succumbs to a quiet beauty.
FRENCH KISS - Loved the way this couple sacrificed their dreams for each other.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC - My all time favorite movie. The dancing scene between Maria and the Captain is a classic.
IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU - Love can find someone when they aren't looking.
FAR AND AWAY - Beautiful story and brilliant cinematography.

Gloria Regan's Favorite Romantic Movie (Regglo@aol.com)

THE LONG HOT SUMMER - I enjoyed reading the TRR list of favorite movies and the lists by your readers, but I can not believe that one of my ALL TIME favorites was not included, THE LONG HOT SUMMER. I saw the original 30+ years ago with Newman & Woodward and the magic between them in this movie explains how their marriage has survived the many years in the Hollywood spotlight.

Elaine Wethington's Favorite Romantic Movies (ew20@cornell.edu)

THE LONG HOT SUMMER - This is THE American romance movie, IMHO (in my humble opinion). When I was younger, I identified with Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. Now that I'm older I can identify with Angela Lansbury and Orson Welles. I must have seen this movie 100 times. It is worth seeking out the restored, wide-screen version when it is shown on AMC.
THE BIG COUNTRY - When this movie came out, some critics had trouble classifying it as a Western. That is because its director, William Wyler, took a Western and made it into a great romance. There are two interlocking love triangles, involving Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Carole Baker, Charlton Heston, and Chuck Connors. This was Charlton Heston's finest hour, IMHO, slightly overshadowing Gregory Peck as the honorable, noble, and handsome lead. Jean Simmons is intelligent, spunky, and beautiful. The movie has great acting, beautiful scenery, and one of the best scores ever written for a film. This too is worth seeking out in the restored, wide-screen version.
THE FOUR FEATHERS - Of the several versions, the one made in the 1930s, led by Sir John Clements, Michael Redgrave, and June Duprez, is the best. Sir John does not look or sound like a modern action hero, but it's okay because the heroics arise from honor, loyalty, faithful love, and the need for redemption, not macho special effects. This is one of the most beautifully photographed Technicolor movies ever. Why don't they make movies like this any more?
WUTHERING HEIGHTS - I vote for the 1939 version directed by William Wyler and starring the beautiful Merle Oberson and Laurence Olivier. The ending is NOT what Bronte intended, but don't blame the director; he protested.
SARABAND - This is an old-style, short, now politically-incorrect romance made in the 1940s, and starring my favorite romantic actor, Stewart Granger. It is a fictionalized retelling of the romance between Sophie Dorothea, neglected wife of the Elector of Hanover (played by the late Joan Greenwood), soon to be George I, and Konigsmark, a young Swedish soldier who truly loves her. Flora Robson plays the "villainess" but so humanizes her that a contemporary audience might sympathize with her as much as the leads. I don't believe this is on video; I have a faded version I taped from the local public TV station broadcast. The director of PERSUASION "quotes" this movie in the scene where Wentworth declares his love for Anne.
THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN - I can't seem to forget the two great romances in this miniseries: the doomed one between Hari and Daphne, and the understated one between Guy and Sarah. This is a great, and complicated series, based on an equally great and complicated work of fiction. PERSUASION - An almost perfect adaptation of one of my all-time favorite books. Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds were perfect.
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - This is the closest thing to an old-time romantic movie I've seen in 10 years. I was impressed how the director and writer updated the plot of the original. It was the quintessential 19th century romance, and this was the quintessential late 20th century romance. Very intriguing. And to think that the distributor was worried Daniel Day-Lewis wouldn't be believable as a romantic action hero!
WITNES - I was thinking of just writing "Harrison Ford," but that's not all that makes this movie a great romance. I think its unusual appeal is that it is Americana filtered through Australian sensibilities. Thus, it has a fresh, and somewhat exotic tone.
NINOTCHKA - This is the movie where "Garbo laughed." In this movie, a Parisian sophisticate romances a nearly-arrived Russian Communist party organizer. It was written and directed by two men more known for sophisticated screwball comedy, not romance per se (Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch). Melvyn Douglas plays the perfect sophisticated romantic hero: witty, urbane, and completely besotted.

LHO's Favorite Romantic Movies (lho@chroma.med.miami.edu)

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER and INDISCREET - I'll keep my list of favorite short, because I am going through a Cary Grant phase. I actually saw both of the here in South Florida on PBS.

Nicole Fowles' Favorite Romantic Movies (Nicole5to1@aol.com)

GIGI - A classic about class and the power of love.
FATHER GOOSE - Cary Grant plays an alcoholic who stuck on a deserted island which soon is inhabited by girls and "spinster" Leslie Caron.
TO CATCH A THIEF - Lots of romance and suspense.
FOUR SEASONS - Not a typical pick because the romance centers on couples who have been married for years yet still manage to stay together (even when they are driving each other nuts). A comedy with Alan Alda and Carol Burnett.

Karen O'Donohoe's Favorite Romantic Movies

MRS. SOFFEL - True love facing the biggest challenges. Mel Gibson and Diane Keaton with Keaton as the heroine brave enough to follow her heart.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - I never expected it to bring a tear to my eye!
MOONSTRUCK - Because of the Brooklyn setting and the sense of humor.
DANGEROUS LIAISONS - A very sexy movie!

Carole Gibbins' Favorite Romantic Movies

BRAM STROKER'S DRACULA - I don't think that Gary Oldman is attractive but, in this movie, he is positively mesmerizing. I kept hoping he and Winona Ryder would end up together.
BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - Audrey Hepburn is simply divine!
CHARADE - Cary -- what more can I say? (Sigh.)
EMMA - When Gwyneth Paltrow and her best friend argued, I knew there would be romance.
FRENCH KISS - When he kisses her on the train, I knew his heart would be hers! I loved Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan in this movie. I loved it when she surprised him before they left his hometown for Cannes -- I laughed so hard! And the song "Dream A Little Dream" in French made my heart melt. (Sigh.)
LADY AND THE TRAMP - I love Disney movies, but this is my favorite! The spaghetti scene isn't to be missed. Does anyone know when Disney will re-release this movie? I want a copy!
LADY JANE - (Where are are these ladies from anyway?) I loved the part when they threw their wine glasses on the floor -- how romantic!
LADYHAWKE - Matthew Broderick when he saved the wolf's life. This had me on the edge of my seat. Rutger Hauer and Michele Pfeiffer in the cathedral made me cry.
THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES - I couldn't wait for them to kiss!
PRETTY WOMAN - Richard Gere made a wonderful rescuer in his white limo.
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - A classic love story.
SABRINA - Harrison Ford is adorable.(Sigh.) Paris is always nice... SAY ANYTHING -John Cusack when he played "In Your Eyes," by Peter Gabriel outside her window. I cried.
TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY - This was definitely the thinking person's Ghost. He was so sweet when he hopped on one foot, telling her about himself.
TO CATCH A THIEF - Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are wonderful in this movie. I love Cary in any movie, but this one is for keeps!
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - The big "O" scene in the deli had me laughing so hard I cried.

J Gee's favorite romantic movies (JGee101535@aol.com)

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - Minnie Driver and Chris O'Donnell-need I say more? The plain girl gets the guy.
ENGLISH PATIENT - RALPH FIENNES-Sexiest man alive, the scene by the linen closet made my knees weak
GROSSE POINTE BLANK - Minnie Driver and John Cusack, awesome in this sweet and hilarious story
INDOCHINE - Vincent Perez and Catherine Deneuve
JANE EYRE - Orson Welles version
QUEEN MARGOT - Isabelle Adjani and Vincent Perez in this extremely bittersweet tale of the French Catholic/Protestant wars during the Renaissance
THE SCARLET LETTER - also Gary Oldman
- TNT with Ralph Fiennes as a magnificent Heathcliffe, Juliette Binoche as Cathy and Jeremy Northam as Cathy's brother. Jeremy Northam's son is extremly handsome grown up too.

Judith Czako's favorite romantic movie (judith.czako@wto.org)

I found just about all of my favorites on the lists already submitted, but I can't BELIEVE I am the only person who thinks NOTORIOUS is one of the most romantic movies ever made. Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. Suspense, mistakes about character and motivation, self sacrifice, and dramatic rescue. If you haven't seen it -- RENT THIS MOVIE. Any romance fan should (I think) love it.

Jan Siberry's Favorite Romantic Movies (siberry@airmail.net)

THE QUIET MAN - Great kisses in the storm, wonderful characters
STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN - Wartime movie, great special effects, angels, and lovers - bring your hankies!
KITTY - Wartime (1945) - GREAT period movie - wonderful costumes, and the great lines!!
ROBIN HOOD - Errol Flynn, of course. Sigh.
THE BISHOP'S WIFE - Cary Grant, of course. Sigh. I cry everytime when the grande dame explains giving up the love of her life for the love of money and security.
THE PHILADELPHIA STORY - Best writing, wonderful story. Fun, witty. Cary Grant, Sigh.
LADY AND THE TRAMP - Disney, great characters.
GHOST - Patrick Swayze. Love beyond death.
THE LADY AND THE HIGHWAYMAN - Based on a Barbara Cartland novel. Classic with some great actors. Very sweet story with Hugh Grant.

Patricia Castro's Favorite Romantic Movies (VQDF97A@prodigy.com)

THE QUIET MAN - Although I own the video, I only watch it as a special treat on St. Patrick's Day! The anticipation is incredible!
EMMA - Jeremy Northam! Need I say more! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jeremy in Boston's Logan Airport in April. I was on my way to Paris and Madrid with some friends and he was on his way back to London. He's a lot taller than I expected but my GOD he is absolutely gorgeous and to DIE for. Living in Los Angeles, you do tend to run into or sight actors all the time and it does not phase me in the least. But this was truly different! I had never gotten SOOOO weak in the knees before! He is absolutely too cool for words! He was very charming and funny and most of all VERY kind! This one I will never forget! Instantly, he has become my favorite actor!
THE CUTTING EDGE - Ran into D.B. Sweeney at a hockey game here in Los Angeles but did not have the nerve to talk to him. Oh Well!

Rebecca Ekmark's Favorite Romantic Movies (drekmark@lakenet.com)

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Who can resist the proposal with the whole family?
LADYHAWKE - The moments of almost meeting were painful to watch. And then when they finally see each other in the church.
PHENOMENON - I don't think I cried more for a movie. What a celebration of life.
MICHAEL - Travolta sure knows how to pick them.
EMMA - Who could ever get enough of Northam?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - The A&E version. She sees his home, and she's hooked.
- I don't think I ever liked an animated feature more.

Lori-Anne Cohen's Favorite Romantic Movies (lacohen@tiac.net)

LADYHAWKE - How can you not love Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer in this. The scene where they almost touch...but not quite gives me a lump in throat everytime.
THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR - Rex Harrison is a curmudgeon but when he goes away to let Gene Tierney live her life, it is so romantic.
THE GOODBYE GIRL - I've seen it in the triple digits. I'm not a huge fan of either Richard Dreyfuss or Marsha Mason as a general rule but I love this movie. Heartwarming and sweet.
PERSUASION - Sigh...that's all I can say. If for no other reason than the last scene on the ship.
- I cry every time. At the end when Yuri goes to call to Lara and....well, see the movie. It is a true classic.
SAY ANYTHING - Jon Cusack and the Peter Gabriel song...need I say more?
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. I'm tearing up thinking about it.

Lisa Jennings' Favorite Romantic Movies (rolijen@cris.com)

EMMA - I really enjoyed this movie--I could tell he knew she was the one and was waiting for her to realize it.
THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE - Musical story of Cinderella with a twist to the ending. Stars Richard Chamberlain as the Prince. Absolutely delightful! It's been my favorite since I was a child. When I met my husband, he told me it was his favorite, too. I knew we were a match then! Especially since not very many people have seen this movie. It comes on occasionally on the Disney Channel. You definitely have to watch for it!
LADYHAWKE - When they actually see other again, wow! The sparks fly!!
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - Wesley can survive anything to return to his true love.
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews--what fun.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Jane Seymour again--Queen of Romance

Sophia J. Harris' Favorite Romantic Movies (harris.40@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu)


Marsha Sample's Favorite Romantic Movies (msample@sosu.edu)


Jo Woods' Favorite Romantic Movies (JWOODS1@mail.state.ky.us)

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - My all time favorite. If you haven't watched this one, it should be at the top of your list to watch next.
THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER - My husband bought all of these movies (he likes guns, horses, and the frontier), I love them because of the romance. Guess I should thank him.

S. Stimson's Favorite Romantic Movies (sstimson@ptdprolog.net)

It wasn't difficult in the least to come up with 30 of my favorite romantic movies, and I'm sure, given time, I could think of 30 more! But since almost all of them have already been mentioned, I'll just list the 5 which (to the best of my knowledge) have not yet been mentioned.

AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT - How refreshing to see a widower (and the President no less!) with a healthy relationship with his daughter, forge ahead into the 90's dating scene; stumbling but charming, determined, and anxious for a woman to care about him, and not his position...does a man like this who refuses to abuse power exist???
BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Yes, it's animated, but the longing and poignancy of this story come through as real, and its moral is timeless. An added extra--the edgy, unleashed power of the Beast as portrayed in the play on Broadway---in both cases, I wish the Prince had remained forever as the Beast.
ANASTASIA - Speaking of Yul Brynner...this story about a woman (Ingrid Bergman) who believes herself to be the (surviving) daughter of Czar Nicholas & Alexandra, and the con-man who coaches her for the reward money but falls in love instead---Brynner is like a panther---dangerous, electric; an emotionally powerful story.
THE KING AND I - Yul Brynner was born to play the part of the King of Siam, and the scene where he holds Anna and they dance for the first and only time, alone...whew!
WESTWARD THE WOMEN - An oldie but goodie about a wagonmaster (Robert Taylor?) who escorts a wagon-train of mail order brides---romantic and realistic at the same time

Jackie Pierce's Favorite Romantic Movies (jhpierce@westky.com)

BED OF ROSES - I thought the story line was pretty good. It was a sweet romance.
FAR AND AWAY - This is another movie from my video collection that I hate to loan out. The soundtrack is great. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are wonderful.
GHOST - I cry every time!
GONE WITH THE WIND - My all-time favorite!!!! I do not loan this movie from my video collection out.
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE - I wasn't sure if this would be called a romance movie, but it is high on my list of all-time favorite movies. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors.
MURPHY'S ROMANCE - James Gardner and Sally Fields are also a couple of my favorite actors. I have watched this movie several times.
ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES - Kevin Costner was great, and the music is fantastic. I have listened to the soundtrack so much it is practically worn out.
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews version. I absolutely love it. After the first time I watched it I went straight to the library and read the book. I have liked Jane Seymour ever since.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Jane Seymour again.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Sandra Bullock made this a great movie. The romance was so touching. (I'm a sucker for anything that is set at Christmas time.)

Chris Michno's Favorite Romantic Movies (michno@caprelnet.com)

CROSSING DELANCY - I loved the "pickle guy."
FINNEGAN, BEGIN AGAIN - An HBO Movie with Robert Preston and Mary Tyler Moore about a May December romance that begins as a very close friendship marked with humor and sadness.
A LETTER TO BRESHNEV - An English film about a girl with a dead end life in working class England who meets a Russian Soldier during the Cold War. The two spend only a night together but are in love. He must go back to Russia. Will she join him? Very very good!
THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS - The "plain" girl wins!!!! And the guy is gorgeous. Jeanine Garafolo is great in this. I always cry near the end because of sheer happiness!
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - My all time favorite. Friendship can lead to real love. I still laugh hysterically at many parts!

Susannah C. Thompson's Favorite Romantic Movie (PZQF27A@prodigy.com)

LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER - Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood). Okay, the two leads weren't always the most natural actors, but in this film they sizzle big-time!

P.S. - Does anyone have a good video source? My local rental shop no long has UNTIL SEPTEMBER, I was horrified to learn!

Catz's Favorite Romantic Movies (catz@the-link.net)

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - Because of the line "I will find you. NO matter what it takes, no matter how far..." (That line has got to be THE most romantic in history!)
THE TERMINATOR - The love scene between Linda Hamilton and that guy from the future. That was so sweet, wasn't it? Especially when she told her son on the audio tape, "In the short time we had together, your father and I loved a lifetime's worth."

Cheryl Chan's Favorite Romantic Movies (ctchan@direct.ca)

DOES THIS MEAN WE'RE MARRIED- It seems I'm the only person in the world who knows this movie. Saw it on HBO years and years ago starring Patsy Kensit. Does anyone have info on this?
LAST OF THE MOHICANS - Haunting soundtrack, stunning backdrop, poignant story, and Daniel Day Lewis. What more can one want? Esp. loved the scene where Hawkeye looked up into the heavens and told Cora that legend about the moon and stars.
PRETTY IN PINK - Ah, the romance of teenage love.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC - Makes my heart burst into song just thinking about it. Great tender scenes between the Captain and Maria.
TERMINATOR - I'm a time travel romance sucker. After watching that movie at the tender age of 13, I decided that I was naming my first born Kyle and my second Reese.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - No wonder Sandra Bullock is America's Sweetheart. She's completely charming. As is the entire movie. Cried through the chapel scene and melted in the proposal scene.

CNC'S Favorite Romantic Movies (ahchu@aol.com)

DANGEROUS LIAISIONS - Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Uma Thurman, and Keenu Reeves (although, he wasn't much of anything in this movie). John Malkovich is simply irresistable...utterly the peak of masculinity and sensuality. He makes love the rake, the bad-boy type, all the more dearly, despite his roguish behavior. A true tale of seduction, love, and betrayal. And oh...it ends with a bona fide French duel. How much more romantic can one get?
EMMA - Paltrow and Northam are simply delightful. I think somewhere inside of us, we are all yearning for our very own personal version of Mr. Knightley.
ONLY YOU - Tomei, Downey, ITALY!!!!!! (absolute gorgeous scenery)...need I say more?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - The Firth version, but fortunately for MANY of us, he's now a happily married man.
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - Well, who could resist the darling Wesley, a.k.a Cary Elwes? What many people don't know is that the book, on which the movie was based, is THAT much better than the book. If you like satire, this is it, and the movie mutated much of the author's classical, satirical humor.

Megan's Favorite Romantic Movies ( mac7215@acs.tamu.edu)

THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES - This movie didn't get much clout in the media, but it replaced my all-time favourite held for over a decade. Make sure to watch the credits. I can't believe no one's mentioned it!
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. The love affair for all time. Original all-time favourite
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - A&E/BBC production. Perfection
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Why couldn't this happen to me?
SHINING THROUGH - Melanie Griffith. Great historical romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat. ALWAYS - unlikely couple, but a great movie. I cry every time I see it.
FAR AND AWAY - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the height of their romance!
BULL DURHAM - quirky and terrific. Great chemistry.

Rhonda Drummond's Favorite Romantic Movies (ronan@digitalexp.com)

You may have missed these...

THE LEGEND OF THE EIGHT SAMURAI- Even Martial Arts movies can be fun and sexy. This has your basic faerie-tale elements, but in a very Japanese, and sexy way. And look for Shinbai. He has lots of arrogance and really great hair.
JUMANJI- The tension between Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt was definitely not over looked in this fun adventure.

Joan Towey (mcfc@bestweb.net) wrote in to say:

I cannot believe that no one listed THE RETURN OF MARTIN GUERRE. There is no happy ending, but the looks exchanged between Gerard Depardieu and the female lead is like no other in film.

Laura's Favorite Romantic Movie (ljm2002@pacbell.net)

SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME - One of my favorites. It's not strictly a romance -- it's a murder mystery with Tom Berenger as a married police detective and Mimi Rogers as a high society witness to a murder whom he protects. I won't say any more, just that that wonderful song (Gershwin?) that the title comes from adds to the ambience.

Benita Clarke's Favorite Romantic Movies (bclar1@pop.uky.edu)

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard are enchanting. Hepburn's clothes, hair and sense of style are exquisite. Reminds me of the line in Jerry Maguire when Jerry compliments Dorothy on her dress by saying "That's more than a dress, it's an Audrey Hepburn movie!"
Which brings me to my most recent favorite romantic movie:
GHOST - Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are fun even as a doomed couple. The late Rick Aviles is great in his supporting role as the lowlife thug who kills Patrick Swayze. Tony Goldwyn is smarmy, and Whoopi Goldberg helps make the movie!
JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING - Not romantic in the traditional sense, but very gentle, and illustrates the old saying that "old sins have long shadows" Or put another way, Yves Montand's chickens finally come home to roost by the end of this duo.
JERRY MAGUIRE - Tom Cruise is wonderful as the career-driven man who discovers that there is more to life than making a buck. Renee Zellweger is luminous as his love interest, and Cuba Gooding Jr. and Regina King's relationship is enough to renew one's faith is love and happily ever after.
MURIEL'S WEDDING - Delightful Australian film about a plain Jane heroine who catches the cute guy, but not the way she expected.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC - Julie Andrews is great as the simple nanny who catches her man! Christopher Plummers eyes never looked so blue as they do in Technicolor. And the songs, we can all sing along with this movie!
TOOTSIE - Dustin Hoffman stars as an out-of-work actor who gets a job as an actress in a soap opera. He learns how to be a better man by living as a woman. Bill Murray, Jessica Lange and Charles Durning are good here, too.
THE VANISHING - The original Dutch version, not the lame Hollywood remake.
Finally, some of my favorite movies are your favorite movies too!
I also like:

Nancy's Favorite Romantic Movies (NHosmer@worldnet.att.net)

Well. I guess I'm the only woman in America who didn't like SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. I can't believe NO ONE has mentioned LEGENDS OF THE FALL!!

(Nancy, someone did!)

My other favorites include:
- of course!
and an old Dorothy McGuire/Robert Young movie entitled CLAUDIA AND DAVID. The "Claudia" books by Rose Franken are some of my favorites about a newlywed couple and their ups and downs in the 40's.

Cassandra Akers' Favorite Romantic Movies (cakers@EastKY.Com)

ONE FINE DAY - Great chemistry!
SABRINA - Harrison Ford, need I say more.
SENSE AND SENSIBILITY - Cry everytime with Emma Thompson at the end.
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE - Sweet and very, very romantic!
THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS - Although I thought he should have figured out long before that Uma Thurman was not the one for him!
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - The banter between Ryan and Crystal can't be beat!
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Bill Pullman is my hero!

Cerebrum's Favorite Romantic Movies (cerebrum@tm.net.my)

Watching romantic comedies is what I live for... except for reading and music as well. Anyway, here goes:

DAVE - Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver sizzles in their chemistry, and there are surprisingly memorable scenes.
EMMA - I laughed, shed tears, and fell in love. Jeremy Northam is forever my Regency dream man!
LADYHAWKE - My favourite magical medieval come to life.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - Miss Bullock was so charming and vulnerable, I immediately liked her. Bill Pulman looked quite boyishly handsome in his messy brown hairdo. I cried at the ending. Truly magic.
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - The TV movie with Jane Seymour. I wanted to be her after seeing the movie. Sigh.

Charlotte Sellers' Favorite Romantic Movies (charlott@borg)

THE BIG EASY - Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid star in this funny romantic thriller. This movie definitely has one of the best love scenes!
LADYHAWKE - A beautiful medieval love story. I never get tired of watching this one.
LADY JANE - Helena Bonham-Carter and Cary Elwes are wonderful as ill fated young lovers. Helena Bonham-Carter portrays the young woman who became Queen for six days (or something close to that)
LEGENDS OF THE FALL - I'm a sucker for family dramas such as this great movie. Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, and Henry Thomas are certainly very easy to watch for two hours!
MOONSTRUCK - Nicolas Cage as the tortured hero - he's perfect! NATE AND HAYES - A swashbuckling pirate tale. Tommy Lee Jones is great, as usual!
PERSUASION - My favorite Austen book. If people doubt Austen's passion, they haven't read this book or seen this wonderful adaptation. I may be biased, but this is the best of the Austen films to hit theatres recently.
SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS - Very sad but very good.
A WALK IN THE CLOUDS - The movie was gorgeous - and Keanu wasn't bad either!

JeanLuc's Favorite Romantic Movies (JeanLuc@Prodigy.Net)

Mine are similar to a lot of the others listed but here they are:

BABY BOOM - With Diane Keaton.
-Winona Ryder version.

Maryam's Favorite Romantic Movies (MSalim1@worldbank.org)

This was a great idea! It's hard to limit but here goes:

BOOMERANG - Eddy Murphy and Halle Barry. Modern day reforming of a "rake" (or in modern terms a "dog").
DON JUAN DEMARCO - Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Faye Dunnaway. I mean -- the lines in this movie! I saw it with several of my female cousins and we kept sighing throughout and of course had to get the men in our lives to take us again so they could learn a few pointers.
GHOST - Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Another tearjerker. I cry everytime I see it.
LOVE STORY - Ryan O'Neal and Ali Magraw. What a real tearjerker. I remember watching with my mother and both of us crying buckets at the end.
AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN - Richard Gere and Debra Winger. Don't you just love the end when he carries her away?
PRETTY WOMAN - Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Modern day Cinderella story.
SINGING IN THE RAIN - Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds...do I need to say more? I love musicals and this has to be my all time favorite.
THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS - This was such a sweet movie and full of fun.

David T Klein's Favorite Romantic Movie (david.t.klein@worldnet.att.net)

I loved most of the movies on your lists. I have one favorite to add:

THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY - I saw a lot of Mel Gibson on the lists, but not this movie of his. He's a reporter assigned to Jakarta, Indonesia right before civil war breaks out in the '60s. Mel and Sigourney Weaver are great, and weird as it seems, Linda Hunt plays a very believable Chinese/Australian man. The other thing I liked about this movie was that it shows a small piece of political history in Asia, something Americans on the whole are very ignorant about. But mostly I liked seeing a young Mel in a tux!!

Jessica Maldonado's Favorite Romantic Movie (JessicaM@webtv.net)

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA -I have this thing for vampires
I can't believe no one mentioned this one!

Sidonia Vardy's All Time Favorite Romantic Movie (svardy@bconnex.net)

My all time favorite is TILL THE END OF SEPTEMBER which was set in Paris.

Laura Bligh's favorite romantic movies (lbligh@CapAccess.org)

I have really enjoyed the list of romantic movies! Some others I liked that aren't listed elsewhere are:

SWEET TALKER - with Karen Allen and Bryan Brown. Set in Australia, this is a con-man story a little like The Music Man without the band.
TOOTSIE - One of the best comedies ever. If you like sexual tension, how about the scene where Dustin Hoffman is sharing a bed with Jessica Lange, the woman he loves, when she thinks that he is a woman!
WORTH WINNING - with Mark Harmon and Madeleine Stowe. This was an impulse rental at the video store, and my husband and I both loved it.

Geneva D. Cardenas's Favorite Romantic Movies (card1599@utdallas.edu)

Watching movies is my escape from college classes so I heartily applaud this new feature!

THE CUTTING EDGE - A huge family favorite! I love it when she starts to when he tells he loves her, and at the end of their routine when she said she had to skate her heart out because she loved him,too. SIGH!!
DIRTY DANCING - Some of the sexiest, hottest dancing around north of the equator. (added bonus - Patrick Swayze in tight black pants.)
FRENCH KISS - I loved the scene when Kevin Kline shows Meg Ryan his herb project. Its as if he just opened a door to show her the real man inside the con-man facade. And I laughed through the rest of the movie.
JERRY MAGUIRE - The tears flowed when Tom Cruise showed up at Renee Zellweger's house and told her "You complete me."
LADYHAWKE - One of the best love stories of all time. I get goosebumps everytime Rugter Hauer turns and sees Michelle Pfeiffer in the church for the first time in four years.
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - The soundtrack made this movie one of my all time favorites. An ultimate must for those romantic nights with the one you love (or even just lust).
MADE IN HEAVEN - Two people fall in love in heaven (Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis) and must find each other on earth thirty years later. The song that binds them and faint memories that they have of each other will have you hoping, sighing and aching right along with them. This is one of those movies that makes your breath catch at the back of your throat and bring tears to your eyes.
SAY ANYTHING - What woman in her right mind would turn down John Cusack standing in middle of the street, holding a stereo, with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" playing loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood?
SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL - Its the story of being blind to the person that was there all along. Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson are best friends that find love in each other.
STEALING HEAVEN - The story of Heloise and Abelard will never lose its power, and their affair is truly a hot and steamy one with an unforgettable ending.

Keishon Tutt Tutt's Favorite Romantic Movies (KET25@msn.com)

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER -Cary Grant. The man IS romance.
-Another River Phoenix film I enjoyed.
LITTLE WOMEN - Wynona Ryder version.
PRETTY WOMAN - Richard......Gere. That's it, that's all.
RUNNING ON EMPTY -River Phoenix. This was more of a drama than romance.
SABRINA - The original. My all-time favorite at this moment.
A WALK IN THE CLOUDS -Keanu Reeves. The man is just gorgeous!
- Harrison Ford and plenty of sexual tension.

I. Scienter's Favorite Romantic Movies (scienter@gte.net)

I enjoyed this topic about favorite romantic movies. Here are my picks:

CLUELESS - Same story as EMMA, but just as fun!
- A love story set against exotic locales.
THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY - Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver have incredible chemistry.

J. Morehouse's Favorite Romantic Movies (morehous@erols.com)

BRAVEHEART - You have to love any movie were Mel Gibson cries.
- The new one with Leonardo DeCaprio and Claire Danes.

Ellen Hestand's Favorite Romantic Movies (metonym@msn.com)

I've liked a lot of the ones listed, but here are some favorites I haven't seen yet:

BEFORE SUNRISE - A small release, directed by Richard Linklater, but starring two pretty big names: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Might be a bit "talky" for some, but honestly, very romantic.
BENNY AND JOON - Okay, I'm a sucker for Aidan Quinn, not even mentioning Johnny Depp, but this is a great double romance - funny, heart-wrenching at times, and wonderful.

Other favorites that have been mentioned:
- Remember this one with Nick Cage and Bridget Fonda? I loved it, and not just because they won the lottery!
LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE - Not exactly a "happily ever after" ending, but quite a love story.
LITTLE WOMEN -(The Winona Ryder version)

F151uver's Favorite Romantic Movies (F151uver@aol.com)

The list of my all time romantic movies has to include:

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - Chris O'Donnell, not bad.
GHOST - Another Kleenex please.
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - Daniel Day-Lewis was wonderful, and the music and scenery made the action and romance heart pounding.
MIRACLE IN THE RAIN - A WWII movie with Van Johnson where a lonely girl finds love, heartbreak and a miracle. A real kleenex movie with a ghost.
PURPLE HEARTS - Ken Wahl and Cheryl Ladd in Vietnam.
A ROOM WITH A VIEW - When he kisses her in the field, (sigh).
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - It was just wonderful.
THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS - I can relate to the insecurities. Funny.

Katie's Favorite Romantic Movies (katie@dns.gpbx.net)

Hey everyone! Great topic!!! Wow, I love romantic movies!!!! My all-time favs include:

CASABLANCA - Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. A classic.
GHOST - This movie makes me cry time after time after time.
GONE WITH THE WIND - Scarlett, Rhett...PASSION. The kiss on the hill before he goes to war...phew!
JERRY MAGUIRE - "You complete me" - 'nuff said.
PRETTY WOMAN - Love the HEA ending.
SABRINA - And anything else with Harrison Ford - the man does things to my heart rate.
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - Cute, funny, romantic.

Dyanne's Favorite Romantic Movies (DTAP7's@aol.com)

Love the idea of listing favorite movies -- found many favorites and a few "new" titles to check out -- thanks! Some of my favorites I didn't see listed:

AMERICAN DREAMER - Stars JoBeth Williams and Tom Conti. Very funny - I love this movie! JoBeth Williams' character is a housewife who loves to read romantic thrillers by Rebecca Ryan and so she enters a Rebecca Ryan writing contest. She wins a trip to Paris and on her way to the awards luncheon gets knocked on the head -- when she awakens, she believes she is Rebecca Ryan.
JANE EYRE - Another old favorite as far as books go and the movie version starring Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester is my favorite. I know Mr. Rochester is not supposed to be handsome but Dalton's Rochester is utterly convincing -- the scene with Jane in the garden by the stone wall is passionate, wrenching and so intense -- the man's emotions come right out of the screen and grab you by the throat! After seeing him as Rochester, I can watch no other version.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - One of my all time favorite books and the version starring David Rintoul is by far the best, IMHO. He is an excellent Mr. Darcy and the script follows the book very closely.
UNTIL SEPTEMBER - Stars Karen Allen and Thierry Lhermitte.
Contemporary. She's an American stranded in Paris and meets handsome international banker (Lhermitte). He's married and they try to avoid their attraction to each other but eventually surrender and begin an affair which is only to last "until September". Lhermitte is gorgeous and the story is sexy and romantic. Filmed entirely on location in Paris and surrounding countryside.

Don't groan but quite a few of the old Doris Day movies are wonderful, light and goofy:

PILLOW TALK - With Rock Hudson.
THAT TOUCH OF MINK - With Cary Grant.
THE BALLAD OF JOSIE - With Peter Graves

Ann McGuire's Sister Carol's Favorite Romantic Movies

SOMMERSBY - Richard Gere is so cute in this movie. I like this movie a lot. My brother hated it...chick flick.
IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT - It's timeless.
- This is the Gary Cooper trilogy. All old and all good.
- I like the idea of this, for someone who can't find the right "one".
- A family favorite.

(jecarroll@tcnet.net)'s Favorite Romantic Movies

I just realized that Tom Hanks is in several of my favorites. My favorites are:

FOREST GUMP - As Forest puts it so sweetly, he is a simple man but he knows what love is.

-This was a Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie several years ago. My husband even mentioned how much he enjoyed this romantic movie. Pretty impressive for a guy who has watched "Rambo" about a million times!

Terry Blain's favorite romantic movies (tblain@ljcrf.edu)

Glad to see most of my favorite movies made several lists. I, too, am into romance/action movies as my favorites

I LOVE TROUBLE- With Julia Roberts and Nick Notle as reporters for competing newspapers.
LADYHAWKE -Which I know must be a romance, as I don't care for scifi/fantasy as a rule.
- Sometimes things don't go well on a new job.

Also, I've always loved RED RIVER. Yes, it's a western, but the love story element is there (besides, how can you go wrong with cowboys and John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff?).

But my vote for the most romantic 'movie' ever has to go to A TOWN LIKE ALICE. I saw this as a six part series on PBS. It's 1941, and Jean (an English girl) has gone out to Singapore to be with her brother, but the Japanese take Singapore and Jean becomes a POW, which is where she meets Joe, an Australian soldier, who's also a POW. A TOWN LIKE ALICE isn't only about falling in love, but about the sacrifices made for love and the determination to work out the conflicts that two people bring to a relationship. If you haven't seen this, rent the video (have plenty of time and plenty of kleenex). Every time I mention this movie, I usually get a blank look, so I'd like to know if I'm the only one who thinks A TOWN LIKE ALICE is a great romance?

Author Janeen O'Kerry wrote in to say:

I can't believe no one mentioned SOMEWHERE IN TIME! This movie was based on the novella "Bid Time Return," by Richard Matheson. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour will live forever in this film. He falls in love with her photograph taken long ago . . . and when you are shown why, it just takes your breath away. Now, that's storytelling!

SSMonte (ssmonte@ime.net) had this comment.

I love a lot of the movies you listed but two of my favorites that weren't listed -- THE CUTTING EDGE and INDIAN SUMMER.

Anne Petersen (amap@cybernet.dk) wrote from Denmark with her suggestion.

Great Idea !

I don't recall seeing DON'T TELL HER IT'S ME. Romance writer (Shelley Long) tries to get girlfriend for recently ill brother (Steve Guttenberg) by coaching him to be what women want - the result is Lobo, NZ bike rider. Silly, but enjoyable.

Thalia (j.w.sloan@worldnet.att.net) wrote in with a few choices and a suggestion.

I just finished looking over the list of all time favorite romance movies. Here are a few I can think of...

THE BIG EASY -the chemistry is great!
DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE - look past the main plot, we even get to hear Sean Connery sing (this man just keeps getting better).
RACHEL AND THE STRANGER - This is a chick flick even guys like! Think this is the Loretta Young film Jean Mason was refering to.
THE FAR PAVILLIONS - This is a very long epic but well worth the watch! Don't forget the hankies with this one.
TIM - Definitely my all time favorite. A young Mel Gibson. 'Nuff said!

How about a list of all time favorite hunks? I could think of several....

Michele's Favorite Romantic Movies (MICHELE@louisville.lib.ky.us).

Here are five movies I have enjoyed:


Lisa Cassi's Favorite Romantic Movies (mistere@worldnet.att.net).

I really enjoyed the listing of romantic movies and agree with a lot of them. Here are some of mine:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - The Disney version.
THE CUTTING EDGE - A snobby Olympics ice-skater and a hockey player are must team up even thought they can't stand each other.
THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS - The scene where Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer kiss is one of the sexiest scenes I've seen ever seen.
FANNY - Leslie Caron falls in love with a young bartender who dreams of becoming a sailor.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - The 1977 Masterpiece Theatre version not the recent one.
SUMMERTIME - Spinster Katherine Hepburn falls in love with Rosanno Brazzi in lovely Venice.

Theresa Eckford's Favorite Romantic Movies (YDZX40B@prodigy.com)

I agree with many of the choices, but would like to add a few of my own, even if they don't fit into what some people think of as romantic.

HIGHLANDER - With Christopher Lambert. Although it's an action movie, there's lots of romance to help offset all the violence. For those who haven't seen it I won't spoil it by mentioning specifics, but there's a great montage while the song "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen plays in the background that had me almost in tears it was so romantic (in a sad way, but romantic none the less.)
LADY JANE - Again, there's no happily ever after, but it's a beautiful movie (if historically inaccurate) that moves me every time I see it. Again, I won't spoil it, but there's a scene close to the end that in my mind, defines romance and love. I'm choking up just thinking about it!
ROBIN HOOD - PRINCE OF THIEVES - Ok, I'm ducking. Many people might not agree, but I really enjoyed this one just as much as the Olivia de Havilland/Errol Flynn version. Kevin Costner's American accent didn't bother me simply because if they'd been at all historically accurate very few people would have understood the English accents either! And aside from a few anachronisms, medieval life was portrayed fairly accurately. And who can forget Robin crashing through that window to save the fair Marian?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - The early 80s production with Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul - now for me HE was Mr. Darcy!

EP's Favorite Romantic Movies

I've been waiting for this list! What fun!

BELL, BOOK & CANDLE - I've always found Jimmy Stewart ENTIRELY unappetizing, but some of the films he was in are so good that I forget to notice. Kim Novak & the aunt are great, not to mention Piewacket and the wonderfully wicked plotting against the fiancee.
THE BIG EASY - I was shocked no one listed this one--did I miss it? Dennis Quaid is so incredibly charming that you forget his looks are just average, and this film has MARVELOUS New Orleans local color, not to mention a terrific score. There's also a VERY steamy love scene.
CHARADE - Very stylish, with a strong Paris setting--and Cary Grant is his deliciously elegant self.
DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN - An offbeat delight. Aidan Quinn is a bit skinny for my tastes, but his romance with Rosanna Arquette is charming, and this film even made me think that Madonna might be something other than a jerk (probably not--probably it was just good directing!)
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (TV remake with Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews). Just to watch Andrews' lickable little moue is a delight.
SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME - A very romantic version of the bodyguard falling in love with the body he guards.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - A ripoff of Jack Finney's TIME & AGAIN, but the romantic element is VERY strong, the sets are gorgeous, and the Rachmaninoff love theme (from Variations/Paganini) is haunting.
SPLASH! - Strong romance, even stronger comedy with John Candy, naked women at the Statue of Liberty, moron twins, "Woolly Bully".
WITNESS - I agree with Dede; & this film also says so much about community and violence. The bell-ringing scene is one of the most moving I've seen since the little girl in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (not a romance) thwarted a lynching. The photography is also spectacular. THE BEST!!
WUTHERING HEIGHTS - Not one of my favorite tales, but the male lead in this movie is IMO the handsomest man I've ever seen. Surprisingly, that man is an actor noted for his craft, not his looks--Laurence Olivier!

Barb's Favorite Romantic Movies (BCastelani@aol.com)

- Sally Field and James Garner. A May December romance to die for. I watch it whenever it is on t.v.
OUT OF AFRICA - Meryl Streep and Robert Redford and beautiful scenery. Also the hair washing scene is incredibly romantic.
OVERBOARD - Just like reading a romance novel. And I have always loved Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.
PURE COUNTRY - George Strait as a Country singer who needs to get away so he just takes off. And finds love on his journey. And the music is wonderful.
STEEL MAGNOLIAS - A real heartbreaker.
TENDER MERCIES - It's about a down and out country singer who ends up in a small town. A woman who rents rooms and needs a handyman hires him. Love follows but it is a tearjerker also.
TERMS OF ENDEARMENT - Shirley McClaine, Debra Winger

Robin Tamburi's Favorite Romantic Movies (robin_tamburi@merck.com)

BRINGING UP BABY - With Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.
- With Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins
MCCLINTOCK - With Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne!

msoar's Favorite Romantic Movie (msoar@pacifier.com)

ALWAYS - With Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter. A tear-jerker in many scenes. Dreyfuss is a pilot who crashes and learns (from Audrey Hepburn) in the afterlife that he is required to "give back" the training he got. The young pilot Dreyfuss "trains" falls in love with Dreyfuss's girlfriend, and Dreyfuss must somehow cope.

Lori Ousley's Favorite Romantic Movies (Lori.Ousley@MCI.Com)

When I saw that you invited your readers to contribute our list of all time favorite romantic movies, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity! Watching movies is my 2nd favorite pastime! Just in case you couldn't guess, reading is my first! At any rate, here is my list:

BRAVEHEART - Starring Mel Gibson. Nothing says romance more than Mel Gibson in a kilt! And oh, that Scottish brogue!!
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - Starring Chris O'Donnell and Minnie Driver. A sweet coming of age movie set in 1950's Ireland! I love any romance, whether book or movie where the plain, overweight heroine wins the love of the gorgeous hero over the stereotypical perfect beauty.
GONE WITH THE WIND - Starring Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable. No synopsis needed!! In my opinion, the all time greatest romance movie hands down!
LEAVING LAS VEGAS - Starring Nicholas Cage and Elisabeth Shue. A harsh look at the special love shared between a man destined to commit suicide by drinking himself to death and the hooker he meets in Las Vegas. A great movie about learning to love someone just for who they are.
AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN - Starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger. A great movie about the evolution of a relationship between a self-involved navy pilot and his soul mate, a paper factory worker learning to break through barriers and really love each other! I watched this movie every day for two weeks when my boyfriend left for Marine boot camp! Even though we later broke up, it's still one of my all time favorites. The final scene in the factory is one of the best in any movie and to this day I still cry when I see it!
ROB ROY - Starring Liam Neeson (just saying his name makes me weak in the knees!!!) and Jessica Lange. The story of Scottish outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor. The lovemaking scene by the stone was one of the sexiest movie scenes ever! I felt as if it was one of my favorite romance novels come to life!!!
SAY ANYTHING - Starring Ione Skye and John Cusack. A really cute movie about a career underachiever (Cusack) and his pursuit of the perfect girl (Skye)! A good lesson is taught about loving someone who you consider to be less than perfect!
UNTAMED HEART - Starring Marisa Tomei and Christian Slater. A sweet, touching movie about the romance between a loser at love (Tomei) and a young man with a baboon heart (Slater).

Kathy's Favorite Romantic Movie (kristie@hargray.com)

SOMEWHERE IN TIME - With Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. It was so sad at the end that I cried buckets and buckets. It was the first contact I'd had with time travel. I was hooked! The music was absolutely fantastic in it! It was really mood music to the nth degree!

Amy Zundel's Favorite Romantic Movies (AimsterZ@aol.com)

I have agree with a lot of the others but I have some of my own to share:

JERRY MAGUIRE - I am not a Tom Cruise fan but his performance was excellent in this movie. I cried when he told his wife how much she meant to him...it was about time he realized it!
ROBIN HOOD, PRINCE OF THIEVES - Alan Rickman was the best part of this movie. His one liners like "at least I didn't use a spoon" and "You, my chambers at 10, you my chambers at 10:15, and bring a friend", make me even like this flim more. Robin and Marian coming together at the end and Sean Connerly as Richard the Lionheart make this movie loveable
THE SAINT - Val Kilmer is so sexy in this movie. His accents a lone make me melt. I didn't care for Elisabeth Shue but the action and romance in this flick is pretty awesome.
SAY ANYTHING - I do like director Cameron Crowe and this movie about what you would do for love and the wacky ending makes me smile.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour come together to create a love story that is truly timeless.
SUPERMAN II - He gives up his superpowers for the woman he loves and then when he regains them, he wills her to forget...it seemed really sad to me but I loved it
TERMINATOR - I love time travel stories and besides the action, and sexy Arnold in this movie, the true story is how Kyle Reese (Michael Bien) came through time to save the woman he loved Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) and create the future.
Other Favorites include - Braveheart, Sleepless in Seattle, Dead Again, Bull Durham and While You Were Sleeping.

Andrea Schlieder's Favorite Romantic Movies (DXKD78B@prodigy.com)

How about:
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER - the best tearjerkers have happy endings.
BIRD ON A WIRE - could Mel Gibson be any more gorgeous? He and Goldie Hawn make a great pair. Love the name of the sailboat!
- When Meg Ryan kisses Kevin Kline while on the train I could actually see it written in a romance - wait a minute isn't that backwards? And what about that scene in the vineyard during the closing credits? It actually makes my glasses fog up!
- Tragic romance between Archduke ? and Maria Vetsera, played by Omar Sharif and Catherine Deneuve. Incredibly romantic despite the tragic ending. I bet I saw it 10 times and that was when you actually had to go to the movies to see a movie.
- Very nice scene of Liam Neeson walking out of the loch. Great ending.
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - TV version with Anthoy Andrews and Jane Seymour. Sir Percy Blakeney never looked so good.
SHINING THROUGH - Liam Neeson was excellent in this and how about that scene where Michael Douglas saves Melanie Griffin from the Nazis? (although I really wish he was saving Meg Ryan instead)

Rebecca Sinclair's Favorite Romantic Movies (reb@eclectics.comm)

Your lists of favorite romance movies got me to thinking. Here's my list!

DIE HARD - What this man goes through for his woman is inspiring. This one also has the best on-screen villain to date: Alan Rickman.
HIGHLANDER - Swords, kilts, Scotland, New York City, past, present, immortality ... and Christopher Lambert. Who needs more?
LADYHAWK - Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfieffer in a timeless classic ... definitely worth buying outright for repeat viewing!
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - "This is true love. Do you think this happens every day?" Who can resist Buttercup and Wesley?
ROMANCING THE STONE - How Kathleen Turner manages to look better and better as this film goes on never ceases to amaze me. Then again, she has Michael Douglas ... who doesn't look so bad himself.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME - A classic time-travel "cult" film. Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve sizzle.
TERMINATOR - Not the average "romance" film, but what woman doesn't melt during the scene where Kyle says, "I came through time for you, Sarah."
THE TRUTH ABOUT CAT AND DOGS - Not only does this one prove that love is always in the eyes of the beholder, but it does it in a way that's fresh, quirky, and a whole lot of fun.

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