Meeting Megan Again
by Julianna Morris
(Silh. Romance #502, $3.50, G) ISBN 0-373-19502-8
The O’Bannons are a warm, loving, large family who take everyone in, family or not. Widowed Megan O’Bannon, a relative only by marriage, knows how wonderful they can be. When she invites everyone to her huge bed-and-breakfast for the family reunion, the only person she can think of who has ever been less than wonderful to her is Tyler O’Bannon.

Of course he is only a distant cousin, but he was taken in as an orphaned teenager by the one of the matriarchs and patriarchs of the O’Bannon tribe and - despite her misgivings - Megan knows she must invite him. She figures he won’t come. He hasn’t for years. Not since she was first engaged to her husband where he spent a lot of time glaring at her. If only he hadn’t been so attractive . . .

Well, guess who shows up to the family reunion for the first time since Megan was widowed. Who else? Otherwise this book wouldn’t be written - at least not with this title. Tyler has been thinking about Megan, too. He’s almost convinced himself he needs to go back to show himself he’s over her - after all, he’s no longer the angry outcast that felt like a charity case when the O’Bannons took him in as a teenager. Now he’s wealthy, successful and - boom! No, it’s no use. He sees Megan again and realizes that he’s still interested. His O’Bannon relatives seem to be encouraging them to get together besides.

Is that the end of the story? No. There has to be some plot complications, right? There are two. One, Tyler doesn’t feel comfortable with his family still and doesn’t feel like he should be. Two, and more importantly, Megan’s previous marriage was a disaster. It ended with her husband’s death, but if the car crash hadn’t intervened, the implications are clear that it would have ended with divorce. Megan now has a daughter and a bed-and-breakfast to support them and that’s all she wants. She thinks.

What’s more, she can’t understand Tyler’s attitude. He is family - distant family, perhaps, but family in a way she can’t be. She is just an in-law who would have been out of the family if her disgusting husband had lived. She keeps working to make him feel like family and he keeps thinking he doesn’t want her to think of him as just family.

Tyler is a sexy hunk with the right attitude toward his special woman. Megan is a hard-working mom who needs to get her confidence about her female charms back. Having a sexy millionaire prove he’s been interested in you ever since you were engaged to what he thought was the wrong man from the start does wonders for a woman’s confidence.

Meeting Megan Again is a sweet and warm atory. There may be no big surprises here, but the characters are likable and interesting and they make you root for them.

--Irene Williams

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