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Trouble Me
by Laura Moore
(Ballantine, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0345-48278-5
Laura Moore has written a very engaging ending to her trilogy about the Radcliffe sisters, but if you, like me have not read the other two stories, donít worry. This one will whet your appetite and send you looking for the other books.

Jade is the youngest of the sisters and the one with the most notorious reputation. Just graduating from college in Florida, she is returning home to her family farm outside Warburg, Virginia. There is history in the family and horses are their legacy. Margot and Jordan, who have different mothers than Jade, have found their HEA and are working to recover from poor investments made by their father. With both parents dead from an airplane crash, the girls have had lots to recover from, but no one more than Jade. She and her mother were not getting along and at 16 was devastated when the girls found a diary which indicated not only did she have negative feelings about Jade but she was having an affair.

Jade is determined to find the mysterious man identified only as TM in the diary. She wants to confront him and try to understand her mother more. But she is also starting her career as an elementary school teacher and has dreams of also teaching children to ride horses, preparing them for show and jumping competitions. The love of her life enters her life in a weird way. She picks him up in a bar in Norfolk on her way up the coast. They have a steamy one night affair. Neither shares their name and yet both are affected. The man is a parent of one of her new students and also the county sheriff who arrested her during her teenage years. Their road to love is rocky, but one filled with open discussion, hot sex, and an acknowledgement that they have something special. Yet they are wary and this leads to several misunderstandings and a few stops and starts.

I really enjoyed the mature nature of this relationship, even when they let anger get in their way. I like Rob Cooper, a father with a lot of compassion and a man with a lot of sex appeal. I liked Jade who is more mature than her years due to the many issues she had to deal with. When her past returns to cause issues, it is fun to see how Rob, her sisters and her community rally around her. This is done in a way that seems realistic and not overly sentimental.

Trouble Me is a good ending to the series and definitely will have me looking for more stories by Laura Moore, including the first two books in this series.

--Shirley Lyons

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