Sexy Lexy by Kate Moore
(LoveSpell, $6.99, PG) ISBN 0505-52623-9
Sexy Lexy is the nickname attributed to Alexandra Clark, author of the self-help book called "Workout Sex, A Girl's Guide to Home Fitness." This book tells the world how to lose weight and become fit when having regular sex. Recommended for couples who are in a committed relationship, the publicity also included hunks looking for a fun time. As a single woman, Lexy had men hitting on her and was even given the opportunity to display the techniques on a sleaze-ball's talk show. She’s had enough and has moved to Drake's Point, California. Nestled in the mountains, Alexandra decides to settle down as the owner of a cute little inn, hoping her secret is never discovered.

Sam Worth is the son of the founding father, Ajax, a man who made millions in oil, married a stripper known as Cherry Popp and then proceeded to get killed in an automobile accident when Sam was 17. Cherry had dreams of becoming a lady and did everything she could to enter the society of little Drake's Point. She founded the library and the ladies’ society. On the night that the library burned down in a suspicious fire, Cherry died in the same accident as Ajax. Besides not wanting Lexy to know about his mother, Sam has another secret. He is dyslexic and yet he has become a self-made millionaire, building "green buildings" that are friendly to the environment. He is back in Drake's Point wanting to rebuild the library and name it after his mother, but Lexy thinks he is a carpenter turned handyman.

Not everyone supports Sam's plan for the library. The mayor, Walter Vernon carries a grudge, started by his father who resented Ajax's wealth. Now Vernon has acquired most of the property in Drake's Point and runs the town his way. He is bound and determined to keep the library from being finished. He uses every way possible way, fair and foul, to do it.

Alexandra meets Sam and is instantly attracted. First, he saves her from an elk and then he helps her keep her tenants happy when he repairs a bed they broke trying out some of Sexy Lexy's advice. Sam is attracted too, but immediately recognizes Alexandra is keeping something from him.

There's the set up – everyone has secrets and everyone is attracted. Even the secondary characters have situations of that type of romance. Things change when the book comes to Drake's Point and starts making the rounds. Couples who were unhappy or not connecting are suddenly having the greatest sex of their lives. But no one has yet connected Alexandra and Sexy Lexy.

I wish I could say there was more, but this is pretty much it. The story is well written. Sam and Alexandra share some great sexual tension and do find they love each other. But they hide behind their facades for too long, making it hard to really embrace the story. At times, I wondered why the secrets were such a big deal, which is even supported when everyone discovers all the secrets and no major catastrophe occurs. Secondary characters are generic and often stereotypical.

With a name like Sexy Lexy, I think I expected more silliness, but the storyline is fairly serious. What silliness is thrown in seems almost out of place. Sam is made out to be a hero, yet doesn't always act like it with Lexy. Lexy wants to be staid and dresses like a frump, but deep down she wants to discover the real person inside. This is her journey.

Unfortunately, the journey is slow paced at times. While generally enjoyable, I would not say it is engaging or hard to put down. It is merely acceptable.

--Shirley Lyons

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