A Kiss in the Dark

Smoke and Mirrors

A Little Bit Guilty
by Jenna Mills
(SRS 1468, $4.99 PG) ISBN 0-373-27358-0
Young naïve Darci Falgoust came to the Big Easy, met married man Marcel Lambert, became his mistress and was murdered.  The District Attorney’s office apparently is trying him for her murder.  

Assistant DA Gabe Fontenot, brilliant attorney of manor born, has been placed on suspension or administrative leave for actions committed in another story. Apparently in another book, Evangeline Rousseau, another assistant DA had been trying to determine whether or not Gabe was the source of office leaks.  

 Gabe has a very private agenda for “getting” Marcel Lambert, as his sister is said to have witnessed Marcel kill Gabe’s father long ago. His sister Camille disappeared, sometime in the past, fate unknown, but perhaps will be the subject of the next and final book.  

 Evangeline has a very private agenda for “getting” Gabe. Unknown to him, his first criminal trial resulted in the conviction of her only brother for murder. The jury had returned the unlikely verdict of guilty and Evangeline has spent the last 10 years readying herself to prove that Gabe tampered with the jury. One juror who had been willing to talk was killed, and Juror Number 2 is ready to talk with her.

 Apparently Evangeline and Gabe both received the same tip to be at a warehouse late one night. Why? One never knows. But Gabe discovers her lurking, tackles her, hurts her in the doing, and of course takes her to the clinic and then to her home to watch over her.  

They are reluctantly maneuvered into working with each other to further their stated goals of achieving justice. Gabe wants a conviction, but Evangeline additionally wants to catch Gabe doing something improper. Their investigation sputters along at about the same pace as their attraction to each other.  

Although set in New Orleans, post Katrina, little advantage is taken of the opportunity to utilize setting. A Little Bit Guilty is part of the series “Midnight Secrets” but unless one has read the first two books in the series they will not get full enjoyment from this book. A little back-story with each character would have gone a long way to clear up the whys of this novel. Without the knowledge to connect past circumstances, it is hard to see the point of many things that occur.  

It is unfortunate that this story is so disjointed. New readers should definitely start with a different Jenna Mills story.


--Thea Davis

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