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Creedís Honor
by Linda Lael Miller
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77580-4
Creedís Honor is the second book in a series of three about the Colorado Creeds of Lonesome Bend. The Creeds are descendants of the McKittericks which is one of Linda Lael Millerís best known series. I enjoyed every one of the McKittrick books, so I was very excited to read Creedís Honor. It is a very sweet story, but didnít live up to the caliber of the McKittrick books.

Tricia McCall hasnít had the easiest life. Her mother and father divorced when she was young forcing here to split her time between Seattle and Lonesome Bend, Colorado. She is an adult now and finds herself stuck in Lonesome Bend. Her father passed away and left her the local RV park and drive-in movie theater. Her plans were to visit Lonesome Bend to oversee the non-thriving businesses only until they sold. Itís now been two years and no one has made an offer. She has a boyfriend back in Seattle who she barely talks to, but that seems to be ok for now.

Connor Creed lives on the Creed Ranch by himself and runs the ranch on his own as well. The ranch was left to him and his twin brother Brody, but Brody left a decade ago and hasnít been back. Connor and Brodyís parents both died when they were young and their Aunt Kim and Uncle Davis raised them. Kim and Davis now live down the road leaving the big main house all to himself, which Conner finds very lonely.

Tricia knows of Conner, from her time visiting her Dad and the last few years living in the small town, but their paths hadnít crossed much. She now finds herself running into him through his friendship with her great-grandmother, who she lives with, and at the RV park where his family is having a barbeque. The electricity and magnetism between the two is evident to both of them and the whole town. They both live pretty mundane lives lately and a partner may just be what each of them needs to spice up their lives.

Creedís Honor is a pleasant story about two people who have not yet found their way. They both have a history that may be preventing them from opening up to love. The author does a great job in developing the characters and really pulling in the reader to their thoughts and feelings. This made the growing relationship that much more special to read.

Both Tricia and Conner are living pretty mundane lives and the author spends a little too much time describing that. The first five to six chapters are spent describing their everyday lives, which are far from exciting. Even though this was part of the character development, the same point could have been relayed in less time.

Connerís twin Brody arrives back in Lonesome Bend and Conner is not happy about it. There is a lot of history between the two and the reader is not given a lot of detail pertaining to that history. Perhaps it was developed more in the first book of the series, A Creed in Stone Creek. Also, Conner and Brody finally ďhave it outĒ and talk about the problems they have. Brody drops a huge bombshell, but then the chapter ends. I would have loved to read about their discussion and how they worked through things as Brody later eluded to Tricia. Iím hoping a little more about Conner and Brodyís history is revealed in the third book, The Creed Legacy.

Overall Creedís Honor is a lovable story, but lacking excitement and intensity. Iím still a huge fan of Linda Lael Miller and look forward to the next book.

--Nichole Howell

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