A Season of Miracles
by Christine Michels
(Silh. Int. Mom. #900, $4.25, PG) ISBN 0-373-07900-1
Devon Grayson is a widow with two children who lost her husband in a private plane crash several years ago. She has finally recovered from the loss and is engaged to marry David, an up-and-coming attorney in her father's law firm. Imagine her surprise when she sees her deceased husband Geoff on the news as he is rescuing someone from a raging fire. Talk about loose ends to tie up before a wedding; talk about fury; talk about hurt.

Devon drives to the distant rural community to find and confront Geoff. Her astonishment grows as he answers the door and treats her with the same courtesy one might extend to an unwanted salesmen. He is suffering from amnesia, the result of head injuries he sustained in the plane crash. Geoff's form of amnesia is the very rare type in which the sufferers retain basic life skills, but generally never regain their memory of past events. When Devon identifies herself, Geoff is pathetically grateful to learn that he might have a family, a career, and a past. Devon is now caught between two loves, a husband of more than a decade and her fiancÚ, David. Her choice would be a no brainer were it not for the fact that for six months prior to the plane crash Geoff had been withdrawn and uncommunicative, and Devon had been contemplating divorce. Geoff is not sure how he feels about Devon. He would like to reconstruct his past, but all too quickly he finds himself thrust into a situation where he must somehow cope with an obnoxious, recalcitrant son, less than welcoming in-laws, and a neglected computer security business, while trying to stitch together the tattered remains of his relationship with Devon. Devon, in turn is haunted by the fear that if his memory returns, his pre-amnesia attitude may return with it. Ordinarily all of these issues would overwhelm a novel this size, but it is a tribute to Michels' skill that they all are seamlessly integrated. The result is a compact well-crafted plot that proceeds logically although packed with emotion. The angst that Devon experiences occasionally seems overblown, but should not prevent enjoyment of A Season of Miracles. This is a very promising debut in Silhouette Intimate Moments for author Christine Michels

--Thea Davis

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