Bachelor on the Prowl
by Kasey Michaels
(Silh. Romance #1552, $3.99, G) ISBN: 0-373-19552-4
When I wrote my recent review of Kasey Michaels’ new contemporary, Love to Love You Baby, I expressed my surprise that she is so successful with light-hearted romance, given that I was primarily familiar with her Regency historicals and her novels about the 18th century Pennsylvania frontier. None of these books can be called light and frothy.

I heard from more than one reader who pointed out that I shouldn’t have been surprised; after all, Michaels’ categories and Regency romances are lots of fun. Well, I had to admit that while I have a number of Michaels’ Regencies on my to-be-read mountain, I have not read any of them; nor have I ever read any of her categories. When I saw Bachelor on the Prowl at my local bookstore, I decided to give it a try. I did not regret my decision.

I imagine that Bachelor on the Prowl is a pretty typical Silhouette romance - short, snappy, entertaining, and pretty tame when it comes to its sensuality content. It was also fun.

Bachelor on the Prowl is a sort of a sequel to another Michaels’ category, Lion on the Prowl. The heroine, Holly Hollis, is the best friend and business associate of Julia Sutherland Rafferty, a successful fashion designer whose romance was the center of the previous book. Holly finds herself directing the New York fashion show of Julia’s latest line and she is short a male model for the grand finale, the presentation of the new line of bridal dresses. Then, in answer to her desperate prayers, the most gorgeous man she has ever seen walks into the staging area. Concluding that he is the missing Harry Hampshire, Holly orders him to take his pants off immediately and get to work.

The hunk is not Harry Hampshire but rather Colin Rafferty, the cousin of Julia’s tycoon husband, Max. Colin is quite taken with the petite dynamo whose first words to him were “Take off your pants.” He convinces Holly to have dinner with him, despite her aversion to male models, and the two really hit it off. Then, Holly discovers his true identity and storms off. Colin follows; he doesn’t want to lose this woman who has gotten under his skin. His solution? Ask Holly to marry him and when she says no, pursue her back to her home and convince her that they are right for each other.

I think that every woman enjoys a romance where a handsome male who oozes charm and intelligence discovers true love and refuses to take no for an answer. Holly has a bit of an inferiority complex. She was involved with a male model earlier and found that he loved himself much more than he loved her. Moreover, she is very short and is convinced that she isn’t that attractive. She can’t understand why Colin is so taken with her, but we can! She is funny and smart and full of energy and cute as a button.

My correspondents were right. Obviously Michaels can do light and frothy with the best of them. And light and frothy is exactly what Bachelor on the Prowl. The matchmaking machinations of Holly’s friends, the reaction of Holly’s mother, the interactions between the heroine and hero, all have a gentle and delightful humor.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed Michaels’ recent contemporaries. She has clearly been writing funny books for a long time. I think I’ll go dig her Regencies out of the tbr pile. I find myself looking for humorous reads these days.

--Jean Mason

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