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Blackhawk’s Bond
by Barbara McCauley
(Silh. Desire #1766, $4.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-76766-8
After so many formula category reads, Blackhawk’s Bond feels like a breath of fresh air. The characters spring to life and the romance is fun, engaging and well worth the time.

Alaina Blackhawk is an animal lover and has a gift for healing. This has come in handy on her family’s ranch in Stone Ridge Texas. Her current project is a stallion named Santana. Her brother, Trey has decided to sell the horse for stud, even though Alaina does not think he is ready. The buyer is none other than D.J. Bradshaw, one of the richest ranchers in the state. D.J. owns a ranch near Wolf River, a place where there are many other Blackhawks, those from another branch of the family. D.J. is interested in buying Santana, but he also has his eyes on the Blackhawk’s ranch; a plan he is not sharing at the moment.

Alaina is determined to finish her work with Santana so she makes a deal with D.J. that she comes with the horse and works with him for three weeks. She tells her brother she is visiting her sister. When Alaina arrives at the Rocking B, she is determined to help Santana and then get out of town. But she and D.J. never expected the explosion of attraction and passion they experience. At ages twenty-seven and thirty-four, respectively, Alaina and D.J. are not kids, but neither really has had a serious relationship. They find themselves in uncharted waters, yet not completely unwelcome either.

Alaina has sense and yet is willing to recognize when she is beyond her knowledge. She is strong willed and doesn’t let D.J. ride roughshod over her. D.J. is a caring, gentle man that has to portray himself as strong and in charge. He is intrigued by this woman who doesn’t think she should fawn all over him because of who he is.

Their romance is fun, at times hot and full of discoveries. They have their secrets, but these are just things that everyone would keep from the other, at first. The only looming problem is that issue about buying the ranch…and Alaina’s rather unique gift for healing.

This story has depth because of the characters and their interactions. The interludes seem realistic and the relationship develops relatively slowly for a category romance. Because they have actually had conversations, when they do consummate their relationship, it seems like they know each other enough to make it natural.

McCAuley has written many tales about the Blackhawks and she brings in some other characters to add to the story. She gives us a glimpse of Trey and whets our appetites for his story, which can’t be far behind.

Blackhawk’s Bond is one of the best categories I have read in a long time. The story has stayed with me for a few days, something very rare for me. Put this one in your Christmas stocking and you won’t be disappointed.

--Shirley Lyons

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