All They Need
by Sarah Mayberry
(HSR #1742, $5.50, PG-13) ISBN 978-037371742-2
Melanie Porter was the wife of a rich man who, over the course of their marriage, treated her with disdain and ultimately cheated on her. The story opens with one episode, where Melanie was helping at a fancy party and ended up drenched in the fountain. Her dress was sheer from the water and her husband, Owen was seething with anger. It wasnít long until they divorced. Almost two years later, Mel has opened up a resort outside Melbourne and she is determined to make her own way.

Mel has always been smart and with her familyís support she plans to rebuild her self-esteem and her life. Her resort will be catering to Owenís rich cohorts because, regardless of her lack of success with Owen, Melanie does understand the luxury his set demands.

One of those who witnessed her debacle was Flynn Randall. Flynnís family is rich and he does fit the profile that Melanie has assumed all rich men fit: self-assured, selfish, and unforgiving of those who have less. Since Melanie grew up with less, she has always struggled with her this and Owen always found her lacking.

Flynn however, is nothing like Owen. Even though he is wealthy and has always been, his parents raised him to be a caring and compassionate man. He is struggling now with some personal issues. His father has Alzheimerís and both he and his mother are in turmoil. He is trying to be supportive and, as an only child, he is trying to be there for them. But what he wants is to hide away and live his own life. He is attracted to Mel, finds her easy to talk to and he is beginning to see that with time, they might have a future together.

While reading this story, I was actively engaged and felt drawn in. Mel is a character who really put herself out there and then questioned everything in retrospect. Flynn accepted her and yet felt he had to hide his vulnerability, just because of his past experiences. It took a lot for them to fully connect and yet, when they did, it was a sweet romance.

Now a few days later, as I write this review, I am struggling to remember details and other than the sense of liking the story, I canít recall all that much about it. How Alzheimersí impacts patients and their family is one of the key messages that I do recall and the author handles this part of her story with skill and sensitivity. The romance was a sweet romance, but not groundbreaking and memory-inducing.

I would like to heartily recommend All They Need, but given how little stayed with me, I will just acknowledge a good story and suggest that the reader will be entertained.

--Shirley Lyons

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