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Bossmanís Baby Scandal
by Catherine Mann
(Silh. Desire #1988, $4.75, PG-13)† ISBN 978-0373-73001-8
Bossmanís Baby Scandal is another story that entails a pregnancy that is unexpected.† This was a one-night stand between two people who had known each other for awhile, but had never really dated.† On the night before the man was leaving for a new job, they just succumbed to emotions and lust.† Now she is pregnant and not sure how to tell him.† So she doesnít tell himÖcan you see the end yet?† Predictability is probably the word here, but even so, Mann writes the tale in a way that is engaging with a few unexpected plot twists and therefore, itís worth a look.

Lauren Presley has a fledgling ad business and is determined to make a go of it.† But her accountant decided to embezzle from her company right in the middle of her worst bouts of morning sickness, and now she finds herself on the verge of bankruptcy.† To top it off, her pregnancy is just now garnering attention and she is trying to hide the fact from everyone.

The father of her child is Jason Reagert, an up-and-coming ad exec who moved to San Francisco from New York to work for a more renowned firm.† They had been friends and worked together on a variety of jobs over the years and Lauren had always found Jason attractive.† But their dating lives always seemed to conflict and it wasnít until that one night that they had acted on their attraction.† Jason discovered the pregnancy by accident (with word from a mutual friend) and he comes back to New York with a proposition.† He will give Lauren money until her own money can be returned by the police and she will come to California as his fiancťe to help him land an important account.† Once things settle down, they will determine how to raise their child and both be a part of his/her life.

Jason is courting the account of a man who sees FAMILY as everything.† He fired his last agent when the man went swimming on a nude beach.† Jason is dying to land this account and nothing can cause a scandal like someone finding out he is a soon-to-be father of a child with a woman who is not his wife, fiancťe or even steady dating companion.† Partly due to her guilt over not telling him, Lauren agrees to the deal and they head off to California.† Now they have to fool not only the clients, but the owners of Jasonís company, and all his co-workers; and maybe even themselves.† What starts out as a platonic relationship quickly turns into more and they have to sort out feelings of lust from love and love from pure wanting.

As I write this review, I realize how convoluted this story sounds.† But when reading it, it did seem to work for me and I was engaged in the story.† They did bicker a lot and this got a little old, but ultimately, Lauren was a woman not afraid to stand up for what she believed and Jason was a man who was willing to admit his passions and his mistakes.† Their sexual interplay was hot and it was easy to see how they could fall for each other this quickly.

Other characters from the series make appearances but donít really add anything nor detract from this story.† There is a side story about Laurenís mother and her battle with her mental illness.† This was a little distracting, but set the stage for some of Laurenís behaviors and her beliefs.†

Overall, Bossmanís Baby Scandal is a good story.† It breaks little new ground, but it does throw in some twists on a story that has been told before.† And those twists are just enough to make it stand out.† Two good main characters add to the perception that this story is worth the reading time.† †

--Shirley Lyons

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