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Summer Nights
by Susan Mallery
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-373-77687-0
Readers return to Foolís Gold in Susan Malleryís next installment of her ongoing series. Book eight overall and book two of this yearís set is Summer Nights. We meet the second of three Stryker brothers in this story, which like the others, is classic Mallery style and guaranteed to keep fans happy.

Shane Strykerís dream has been to own his own ranch. Heís been in the business of breeding and training racehorses and has finally bought some land heís going to build on in the open fields next to his motherís house. Shane is divorced and while heís happy that relationship is past him, heís still scarred from the deceit and dishonesty of his ex-wife.

One evening, Shane walks into Joís Bar and is captivated by a redhead dancing on the bar. Heís instantly attracted to her, but knows he needs to leave immediately. Her behavior reminds him of his ex-wife and he doesnít want to be around a temptation that could end up hurting him again.

Annabelle Weiss is the local librarian in Foolís Gold and is preparing for a local town festival in a few months. Sheís going to perform an ancient dance indigenous to the area in order to raise money for a bookmobile. The dance requires a horse, but the problem is, Annabelle doesnít know how to ride a horse much less dance on one.

A mutual friend convinces Shane to teach Annabelle how to ride a horse. When Annabelle shows up at the stables, Shane is shocked to see the redhead from the bar. He instantly wants to back out of the agreement, but knows he canít go back on his word. The goal now is to get through the lessons for a few months without losing control when Annabelle is around.

Summer Nights is the same light-hearted and entertaining book that Mallery is known for. The wit and attention-grabbing dialogue are enjoyable. Annabelle is a wonderful character that is kind hearted, independent, and very relatable. The story line progresses well and keeps the reader interested. You canít go wrong with a Susan Mallery book and the Foolís Gold series has another hit.

--Nichole Howell

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